A list of diesel & electric era layouts that have appeared in RAIL EXPRESS and RAIL EXPRESS Modeller since the first issue.

Mini-MSW by Alan Whitehouse

2mm scale/N
Drem (N) – East Neuk MRS (RE64)
Inverbucket (N) – Brian Ellingworth (RE25)
Kings Park (N) – East Sussex (Hastings) group of the NGS (REM14)
Stoney Lane Depot (N) – Grahame Hedges (REM42)
Mandlebury Central (N) – Milton Keynes MRS (RE31)

2mm Finescale
Ynysarwed Sidings (2mm) – Simon Harris (REM53)
Mini-MSW (2mm) – Alan Whitehouse (REM62)

4mm scale/OO
Airthrey Park (OO) – Andrew Donnelly (REM53)
Balfour Road (OO) – David Roome (RE12)
Carstairs Junction (OO) – Nottingham (Bulwell) MRS (RE59)
Cement Quay (OO) – Chris Nevard (REM37)
Dyserth Road (OO) – Nick Gurney (RE69)
Falkirk Town (OO) – Steven McNaught (REM36)
Hexworth (OO) – Ralph Williams/Tony Barr (RE52/53)
Holland Park (OO) – Nick Gurney (REM50)
Howgill (OO) – Bolton & District MRS (RE7)
Oaks Green (OO) – Darren Sherwood (RE20)
Pensbridge (OO) – George Woodcock (RE88)
Round Trees Sidings (OO) – NEAG of DEMU (REM25)
Russell Bridge (OO) – Steve Adcock (RE1)
SE28 (OO) – Basingstoke & N Hants MRS (REM8)
Strachan (OO) – Kelvin Barnes/Les Williams (RE62)
Tonbridge West Yard (OO) – Paul Wade (REM66)
Waltham (OO) – Steve Nicholls (REM30)
Wells Green TMD (OO) – James Makin (REM24)
Weston Road (OO) – Graham Bucknell (REM1)

4mm scale/EM
Barber’s Bridge (EM) – Tony Wood (RE44)
Calcutta Sidings (EM) – Phil Eames (RE85)
Canada Road (EM) – Peter Johnson (RE84)
Cripple Corner (EM) – Keith Wright (RE95)
East Lodge (EM) – Alan Dewey (REM26)
Eastwell Exchange Sidings (EM) (RE14)
Grangetown (EM) – Trevor Hale (RE97)
Oldshaw (EM) – Andrew Bartlett (REM28)
Selsey Beach (EM) – Geoff Holmes (RE36)
Villier Street (EM) – Tony Wood (RE96)
(EM) – Keir Hardy (REM17)

4mm scale/P4
Mostyn (P4) – Barrowmore MRG (RE78)
Staverton (P4) – Simon Bendall (RE89)
Western Road (P4) – Mike Anson (REM49)
Wheal Elizabeth (P4) – Andrew Ullyott (REM60)

7mm scale/O
Glenbillock (O) – Tony Bill/David O’Cock (REM6)
Lochside (O) – Ian Futers (RE79)

7mm scale/S7
Braunstone Gate
(S7) – Simon Thompson (REM16)


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