Farish drops Class 222 project

There is disappointment for ‘N’ scalers as two key models are shelved.

BACHMANN HAS TODAY announced changes to its Graham Farish ‘N’ scale range. This follows consultation with the company’s trade customers regarding production of the 9F 2-10-0 locomotive and the Class 222 ‘Meridian’ and ‘Pioneer’ high speed diesel electric multiple units.

David Haarhaus, Sales & Marketing Manager said “It has become apparent that the present market cannot support a second ‘N’ 9F 2-10-0 or Class 222, which is in many people’s eyes too similar to the Class 220 ‘Voyager’ units now operated by Virgin Trains and Arriva Cross Country and are included in the current Farish range. We appreciate that there are many detail differences between the Bombardier-designed units from the original Class 220 but, unfortunately, that is not enough to justify moving from design to production at this time .

David continued “We have after much soul searching decided to withdraw these items from the 2011 catalogue and put them on a back burner. If and when the market develops and it is time to look at them again, we will do so. In a Worldwide recession, we are better to put our efforts and considerable resources into bringing new models into the range. We want to reassure ‘N’ modellers that we are working on suitable replacements, details of which will be released once these exciting new models have progressed through the tooling process”.

David explained “the Ivatt 2MT 2-6-0 is now, therefore, the only previously announced locomotive yet to appear. This model is not affected by today’s announcement and work is well underway to deliver this into the range”.

David concluded “we appreciate that some ‘N’ modellers will be disappointed by today’s news but I am sure they will appreciate our honesty in this situation. There is absolutely no point in producing these models in the challenging financial climate we are all facing. We have a fantastic selection of new models already under development which will more than make up for any short term disappointment.”

The models affected are

Class 222 four-car DEMU
371-676 ‘Meridian’ No. 222011 in Midland Mainline
371-677 ‘Pioneer’ No. 222101 in Hull Trains
371-679 ‘Meridian’ No. 222017 in East Midlands Trains
BR Standard Class 9F
372-425 No. 92220 ‘Evening Star’ in BR lined green
372-426 No. 92002 in BR black with early emblem
372-427 No. 92205 in BR black with late crest


One Response to Farish drops Class 222 project

  1. Mike Marris says:

    There are far too many Steam Engines being developed , it is time to move the Graham Farish range on a little and the arrival of the 4CEP unit and Desiro units are a good start. What about 4REP 4BIG units which would be progress also. I could go on , 325 Postal units . The removal of the Meridian units could be step back and I for one do not want ruin my Voyagers with a respray just to have them running on my system.

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