New issue: REM73 May 2010

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 73REM73: The latest news and honest reviews!
Inside RAIL EXPRESS magazine No. 168.
In the bumper May 2010 issue:

• Comment: Modellers have spoken in a survey and overwhelmingly they have turned away from proposing new diesel or electric era prototypes! REM’s editor asks if the D&E ‘bubble’ has burst?
• News: In a surprise move, Kernow Model Centre transfers production of its ‘Thumper’ DEMU from Dapol to Bachmann, plus more RAIL EXPRESS Modeller reveals more upgrades for the Class 37/7 project. Graham Farish shows off its forthcoming ‘N’ prototype DELTIC and Hattons plans a Loadhaul liveried Class 14!
• Reviews: The last 20 years have been a fallow period for fans of 25kV ac electrics, but this has now changed with the release of a Class 86 by Heljan. Arriving at the same time as the Danish ‘Can’, Welsh company Dapol has also released an ‘N’ gauge model of the same class, along with complementary British outline catenary. Check out our in-depth reviews.

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 73

• Detailing: Heljan’s 4mm scale model of the Brush prototype Falcon received mixed reviews when it first flew the nest in 2008. However, Peter Johnson
saw its potential for improvement and has recently completed this upgrade to represent the unique twin-Maybach engined locomotive during its last full year of freight service on the Western Region.
• Exhibition diary: Includes a full round-up of exhibitions with diesel & electric era interest.
• Modelling: There are more ‘how to’ articles in the form of a Cambrian kit-bash to produce a ‘Mullet’ engineer’s bogie rail flat from Dave McWilliams, while Tim Shackleton turns his attention to a portable toilet!
• Serial: Not everything went to plan for the Barrowmore boys when they took Mostyn to the MRC’s Alexandra Palace model railway exhibition. The odd goings on are revealed on this page.

On sale via subscription and specialist distribution (April 30th) or from your local newsagent (May 1st).


18 Responses to New issue: REM73 May 2010

  1. mark jackson says:

    interesting editorial but I always considered mremag to be dominated by steam modellers and enthusiasts which would dilute the diesel vote. I would recommend your own poll.

  2. Howard says:

    What a fab looking issue! those 86s from Heljan look amazing

  3. CHRIS says:

    I would 100% agree with the idea of a rail express poll!
    Every year I put the same suggestions in like re-tooled 73 ideally from Heljan, I know thats a strange one but the livery finishes are superb on the Heljan NSE and dutch 33’s and would love to see 73’s finished to the same standard.
    I for one still cant work out why Bachmann have not produced the 59! Lots of liveries now and we have to make do with Lima/ hornby versions! I remember the excitement when lima originally announced the 59 years ago!
    I would be shocked if us rail express readers were not all thinking we needed and deserved a decent original yeoman/ARC 59!
    Also there must be a demand for wagons like the PTA, in this day and age we still have the old skool lima versions only!
    Every year I am deeply disappointed with the poll especially to hear earlier era’s are still more popular!
    A more modern era poll is essential if we ever want to see some gems produced, if a class 14, or 15 can make it then why not the 89 ‘Badger’?
    And while Im in modern image mode, bring on the ac emu’s! Clacton units in NSE and Jaffa cake livery for me!
    I really do think it is time to seriously look at this, as I for one still have a wish list as long as my arm and Im sure other readers would agree this is definatley not the time for the D&E bubble to burst!

    Now Im off my soap box:) Ive noticed that the Bachmann website shows two class 37 running number changes! 37,518 is now showing as 37,506 which if not mistaken is British steel skinningrove. Nice to have a named one but was hoping for 518 as it had snowploughs. Also 37,513 has changed to, wait for it! 513? Not sure whats going on with the railfreight metals version but am hoping they mean 511 Stockton Haulage. If anyone can shed anymore light on this then that would be great.

  4. Steve says:

    Yes, I have to agree to a Poll by “Rail Express Modeller”. It`s been a long time since your last one!
    I have to agree with the above posted comment concerning an upgraded class 59, whilst not being a fan of these and class 66, I would replace my Lima class 59 certainly. It seems amazing that although we`ve had “FALCON”, “KESTREL”, prototype “DELTIC”, and so on, we still wait for decent BR mark 2B/C coaches, BR mark 3-HST / mark 3A coaches to a quality as, say, those “Maunsell” coaches Steam era modellers now enjoy. And although those former AIRFIX BR mark 2D coaches were a blessing at the time, some upgraded BR mark 2D/E/F versions would be most aprreciated by a lot of people. And what of the BR mark 1 Sleeping Car? Amongst those items are a lot of different types and liveries to be catered for, so would be worth tooling up new models. We who model the late 1960`s thro` to the present day should not get as neglected as the Steam era modeller! Things have certainly improved over the last decade, some fantastic models have been manufactured but there are still core items of rolling stock that are needed!
    And on the subject of those Bachmann class 37/5 numbers changing, I hope that 37 506 does not get printed on nameplates but that they are left off, and supplied with etched nameplates so modellers who wish to run it either named or not can have that simple choice. Makes a little changeover that much easier. Bachmann did this with “PEAK” D55 – “Royal Signals”. No printed nameplate but an etched plate to fix on! Easy enough chore to do! Of course, when we look at refurbished class 37 bonnet side grilles, that`s another story! Be carefull, check for photographs. Many variations!
    So, please do let`s have a poll, giving a choice of items, liveries, types and so on.

  5. Steve says:

    Just a quick one about those HELJAN class 86 models.
    The model of 86 214 in INTERCITY swallow livery looks a little bit odd to my eyes? The upper body colour seems to be more like Inter-City Executive dark grey, (this should be falcon grey). And the lower bodyside colour which should be silver white, seems more like a hint of beige! Should be the same colour as the white side stripe. And the model of 86 233, that Electric blue colour looks rather like the blue applied to 86 426 when that was repainted to celebrate 25 years of Inter-City! I have looked at them in natural light and under different light sources. Shame really because they run great!! And like some earlier HELJAN models, they do scream “86”, like the 33/0 did do likewise, even though that roof profile spoils that one. I`m just of the opinion that they seemed to have been rushed onto the market? Any thoughts on this?

  6. CHRIS says:

    I have to agree with Steve here about the Heljan 86 being rushed onto the market !
    I dont have a major problem with the general look as it looks much more 86 head on compared to hornby’s but its the panto and livery application!

    I own the intercity swallow and the white is well just not white, infact it looks odd when placed with the hornby mk3 swallow coaches and DVT! What we needed was Heljans model with Hornby’s painting skills!
    The same can be said for the Anglia version as the stripe finished too short and again the hornby stripe and logo stand out better!
    I do hope Heljan improve in this area as they have an opportunity to release a shed load of 86’s including back dated ones too!
    Now how long until we see 86,235 Novelty in the ‘Rainhill’ special blue and yellow livery!

    Going back to Bachmann I wonder what will happen to 37,518, I do hope there are still plans for this as it looks great with snowploughs fitted, Im wondering whether its being lined up as a limited edition as I believe it is preserved in this livery.
    Here’s hoping.

  7. John Arnold says:

    I also agree that the Class 59’s should be retooled by Bachman, but I would prefer the National Power 59/2’s but also we could do with the JHA’s as well. The problem with some polls is they ask for suggestions for new models not re-releases or improvements. It did a recent poll for Hornby in Modelzone of Hull for their Roadshow & I this was worded for new models but even I had difficulty when it came to thinking of 3x wagon types not nowing much about wagons! So IMO, there are a few modern image loco’s & coaches that need reproducing but upgrading first & I’m excluding the B*P* !

  8. Alex Fenton says:

    This is really a question about the new class 37s, sadly for me the limited editions are gunna be a no go zone but do the new changes effect the production models aswell, ps bachmann have realesed pre production shots of there new class 70 on there home page and i really agree with idea of an independent modern image opinion poll

  9. mark-anthony says:

    i’ve just got my copy of this months rail x,i was going to buy the 86 but i think i’ll hang fire for now my fleet of hornby 86’s will breath a si of relief they all have the new motors any way with the better pick ups ,they might re-tool for the earlier ones ,also a new 59 by bachmann would be great,how about a model of the new london overground units bachmann do the turbostar why not the electrostar,also a DBSO With all the bells and bits

  10. CHRIS says:

    I have been watching all the crazy news this week of anyone and everyone looking to produce models in particular from the end of steam era!

    Rails doing the LMS ‘twins’ Heljan again producing another loco class 28 the worlds gone mad!

    Im beginning to think Im part of a lost geneartion that just wants a decent model of say class 59,73,101,121 AC electrics even the 89 has to be on someone’s drawing board!
    It feels a very strange time at the mo where all the mad rush and focus is clearly on the dawn of the diesels which is great but it’s all gone quite on the more modern front!
    Im sure rail express shares my thoughts and concerns about what we are seeing at the mo and it just confirms even more that we need a more focused poll that looks at more finer details on modern locos and rolling stock, ie:
    47/7s would be hugely popular for bachmann and someone?
    mk 2 A/C coaches even the manchester pullman mk2’s!

    Even on the wagons front the good old work horse PTA tippler, I still see rakes of the old lima ones on layouts!
    I do hope this talk of a more focused poll comes to light as Im feeling like the popular sector era is being left right out in the sidings! Had to get that pun in!

  11. stuart says:

    We might get another prototype loco to the standards
    of the original DELTIC, Bachmann & Rails have joined
    together to produce the TWINS 10000 & 10001.

    How about someone get Bachmann to produce a brakedown
    crane and coaches set as the old Hornby one is ok but
    not modern enough and their mk1 coaches aren’t as good as Bachmanns

  12. mark jackson says:

    don’t forget the class 76 and blue pullman from heljan and olivia’s trains! (search rmweb).

  13. CHRIS says:

    Ahh yes, I knew there were a couple more releases I had forgotten;)
    All this release stuff is starting to make hornby’s big wait at christmas a little more subdued! it feels like there is a race on to complete everything!
    Wacky races has arrived in true model form and long may this theme of sudden suprises continue(although a few more modern types would be nice)!

    Will be interesting to see what you guys say in the next magazine with a sudden onslaught of new models announced over the next couple of years!

  14. stuart says:

    Lets hope that Olivia’s Trains keep a close check on
    how Heljan are doing or we’ll have more, near but so far away models that lots of people want but aren’t willing to pay full price to get because of mistakes.
    Maybe you should ask on their behalf for peoples help
    with these models.

  15. Alex Fenton says:

    hey guys, hornby has just released the wrexham and shropshire class 67 and dvt pack!

  16. Steve says:

    It does seem that we are living in a time of “Never having it so good”! With the world a continously changing place, and the economic situation as it presently is, now is probably the best time to get the shorter lived D&E period models onto the market. I eagerly wait for the DAPOL class 22 diesel-hydraulic loco`s and I hope that we shall get the other NBL version, class 21/29, sometime in the future. This seems an obvious option to follow on.
    If the poll is going ahead, then a section to say what time period(s) that interest you, is included. Also, plenty of scope to give details of the items that you are wishing for, such as, era, livery, qauntity you would buy, and so on. Remember, you will need more 2nd class-TSO type carraiges than brake or 1st class carraiges, for instance. Perhaps a section for infrastructure items would be usefull? I have to praise BACHMANN for there choice of the AL5/class 85 electric locomotive. A good general “Do Anything” type, at home on freight, parcel, Inter-City and Sleeper traffic. And, long lived for the earlier ac electric`s. I hope we see more ac electric loco`s to join this new breed anounced in the future, AL1/class 81 springs to mind!
    “Happy Days”!

  17. mark-anthony says:

    lets go mad and ask for some underground units like the new S stock or D,C or A stock no one will take the plunge exept metromodels but they are so pricey
    also a nice class c310/312 313 type or no bachmann do the 150 the 317 455 types

  18. Matt says:

    Is it just me, or is there anybody else that would love to see a Hornby 56 limited edition twin pack of 56311 and 56312 ?

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