New issue: REM72 April 2010

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 72REM72: All the news and reviews for the modern modeller!
Inside RAIL EXPRESS magazine No. 167.
In the bumper April 2010 issue:

• Comment: The editor, whilst being impressed with the line-up of new items announced by Bachmann urges the company to capitalise on existing opportunities first and reconsider a range of OHLE.
• News: Heljan reveals that its Class 86 is imminent, however, its model of the BRCW Lion is pushed back to 2011. Just Like The Real Thing shows off its Class 27 kit, which will be available soon. Plus, there are some exciting announcements in ‘OO’ in the 2010-11 programme from Bachmann, not least a Class 85 and ‘Desiro’ EMU, as well as the prototype ‘Deltic’ in the Farish ‘N’ range.
• Reviews: Another short-lived loco type from Danish manufacturer Heljan. The editor takes a micrometer to Heljan’s model of the most aesthetically pleasing of the pilot scheme Type 1s, the BTH Type 1 (Class 15). We also given our verdict on a new wagon release. Most famously utilised on the Burngullow–Irvine clay slurry flow, the ICA/B bogie ‘silver bullet’ tankers have now been released in 4mm scale by Dapol.

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 72

• Research: With the release of Hornby’s model of the Mk. 3b Driving Van Trailer, REM provides a guide to the correct usage of these vehicles. Includes formations from InterCity to the present day.
• Exhibition diary & Reviews extra:
The ‘Warship’ diesel-hydraulic makes a return to the Bachmann range, now with lights and DCC decoder fitted. Also includes a full round-up of exhibitions with diesel & electric era interest.
• Modelling: Mostyn team member Dave Millward builds up 51L’s ironstone hopper kit, the first of a fleet of nearly 70 such vehicles! Check out the column for more on this ‘signature’ wagon type for Mostyn.

On sale via subscription and specialist distribution (March 27th) or from your local newsagent (March 30th).


11 Responses to New issue: REM72 April 2010

  1. mark jackson says:

    any update on the shenker 37 due date and what do you think of the heljan 86- I like it but I susect my eye is not as critical as yours!!

  2. Howard says:


  3. mark jackson says:

    postman answered my question about the schenker 37- very pleased with it- thanks.

  4. Howard says:

    the loco in action on my layout. just a few random clips

  5. Got mine on monday . I am very pleased with it and with the snowploughs need to buy some for my other 37s now.

    Bring on the Loadhaul pair now!

  6. Matt says:

    DB 37 very good indeed. The next thing on my wish list would be seeing Bachmann producing GBRf coal hoppers, as I would love a rake on my layout. Best hope they read this !

  7. Matt says:

    Your editorial on 2010/1 releases is spot on. To say I am flabbergasted that Bach have not released any freight 47s would be an understatement. Nor any more of the 150s. At least will give my wallet a rest after an expensive run of 47 ltd eds this year!

  8. kev says:

    What about a bachmann or hornby class 67 018 DB Schenker livery?? bachmann 3770 is reaaly good :D

  9. simon bradbury says:

    can some1 in railexpress please sort out the offers as can seem to find the page for this on the site!!!!!

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