New issue: REM74 June 2010

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 74REM74: In-depth research and the latest news
Inside RAIL EXPRESS magazine No. 169.
In the bumper June 2010 issue:

• Comment: The last few weeks have seen a mad dash by retailers to link up with manufacturers to produce any remaining locomotives not already claimed – we report on news of 4mm scale Classes 76 & 77, the ‘Blue Pullman’ and LMS/EE ‘twins’ Nos. 10000 & 10001.
• News: Pre-production samples of our BR blue Class 03s have arrived. There are also full details of the latest announcements, which includes Co-Bos, EM1/EM2s, ‘Blue Pullman’ and LMS ‘twins’.
• Reviews: Hot on the heels of its tasty little Class 86 reviewed last issue, Welsh firm Dapol has produced the Class 58 freight loco in ‘N’. We also investigate the firm’s new small scale ‘Silver Bullet’. Meanwhile, in 4mm scale, Dapol has released the Tiphook Rail ‘Pocket’ container wagon, while Bachmann’s much anticipated MBA ‘Monster’ box has also arrived. Finally, several other new models are reviewed, including Hornby’s latest DVT pack, representing a Wrexham & Shropshire Class 67+DVT combination. Plus new products from ZTC and Graham Farish. All are examined.

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 74

• Research: Another interesting commodity guide from freight expert David Ratcliffe. This feature concentrates on the movement of whisky within Scotland and across the rest of the network.
• Modelling: Chris Ibbotson builds a Bratchell Class 455/9 kit to represent a South West Trains inner-suburban example. This colourful EMU is easy to build but not so easy to paint and finish!
• Exhibition diary: DEMU’s annual Showcase Event is previewed – a must visit event for all diesel & electric era modellers. We also take a look at the line up for the Chatham event, which includes Mostyn.
• Serial: Work is progressing well on the new hidden sidings for the Barrowmore MRG’s Mostyn layout. 40 new ‘P4’ copperclad turnouts were built in just six weeks. Check them out here.

On sale via subscription and specialist distribution (May 28th) or from your local newsagent (June 1st).

5 Responses to New issue: REM74 June 2010

  1. Manfred Ebinger says:

    Already paid my deposit for a Blue Pullman, can’t wait

  2. stuart says:

    All these exclusive models are going to be great but I still believe that you need rolling stock to go behind them. So far i’ve only seen a couple of shops take the plunge and get some exclusive wagons made, Kernow with its bogie clay wagons and when they hopefully get announced Hattons are getting the OO gauge version of Freigtliners Bogie box wagons (all from Dapol).
    With all the articles you have done on different train types, with wagons types that can only be found in those trains don’t you think that some of them might be good future exclusives from Express.
    I would certainly buy some of those FBB 2 axle container flats with whisky tank, how about it?

  3. Jim Hunter says:

    Blue Pullman, EM1 & EM2 in 4mm – surely the ‘Holy Grail’ of RTR railway modelling? It’s like Christmas come early haha! :-)

    Not sure about the RTR ficticious liveries though? – would be interested to see what demand there is even if Ltd Edition.

    Personally would’ve prefered to see the EM2 in Dutch livery which would’ve also increased export potential even in OO…

    Also can’t seem to see an overall price for the Blue Pullman. Imagine this would put off many from paying a deposit?

  4. Northants PC says:

    Personally I’d like to see some Network Rail Railtest vehicles such as the DBSO or pantograph test vehicle things like that. Specialist vehicles that will appeal the the specialist market these made to order locomotives do.

    As for more Special 37’s……Im not sure of course over the coming years but there MAY be a wash of these for the next year. The 37/9’s have been done by Kernow and the rest apart from the 37/6’s (yes please) would require massive retooling. I think wagons are the next big thing. Bearing in mind the added pressure on our wallets!

  5. stuart says:

    Just got back from the DEMU show Dapol have lots of new models in the pipeline JNA & IOA Network Rail wagons (4 weathered versions through Hattons)
    00 overhead catenary, Turbots, BBA steel wagons, MLA bogie ballast wagons in EWS & Network Rail & the MRA side tipping ballast train as a 5 car set. Plus Realtrack 143/144 2 car units with future middle car
    lots of wagons for any growing railway.
    Plus Modelzones TPO’s are in the country.

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