New issue: REM77 September 2010

August 19, 2010

RAIL  EXPRESS Modeller No. 77REM77: Stunning layout features, top news!
Inside RAIL EXPRESS magazine No. 172.
In the September 2010 issue:

• Comment: The Scalefour Society’s annual exhibition is under new management and this year sees a radical re-evaluation of the format with a good proportion of the layouts attending now representing scenes from the last 50 years. Exhibition manager Terry Bendall describes the line-up, which moves the show up into must visit territory.
• News: Bachmann reveals that it is to produce the six-car Midland ‘Blue Pullman’ in 4mm scale, while the Class 40 will also receive a retool. The same company’s Scenecraft range expands with modern scenic accessories. Graham Farish drops Class 222 DEMU project. A second retailer/manufacturer partnership in the form of Hattons and Dapol steps up to offer the pioneer diesel pairing of 10000 & 10001 in ready-to-run plastic.
• Reviews: Another pair of important new products aimed at the modern modeller are released in the form of Bachmann’s two-car Cravens Class 105 DMU and Dapol’s IFA/IKA two-unit low-platform ‘Megafret’ container flat. We take a closer look at both items and see how they stack up.

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 77

• Layout feature: Due to appear at Scaleforum in September, we visit Birmingham Moor Street, the project of the West Midlands area group of the Scalefour Society. This model of the terminus platforms of the West Midlands station has some superb working features so be sure to check it out!
• Exhibition diary: Our usual listings of the shows coming up over the next month which feature diesel & electric era layouts.
• Serial: The secret of successful exhibition appearances is to have the confidence that your layout will run consistently for hour after hour in front of the public. The Barrowmore boys tackle one of the key elements behind Mostyn’s superb reliability in their column this month.

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New issue: REM76 August 2010

July 22, 2010

RAIL  EXPRESS Modeller No. 76REM76: First for reviews of new products!
Inside RAIL EXPRESS magazine No. 171.
In the August 2010 issue:

• Comment: With multiple units and freight cars getting much more interest from manufacturers, will the new Modelzone TPO kick-start a renaissance in the range of modern coaching stock,  specifically non-passenger carrying vehicles and the later builds of Mk. 2 carriages.
• News: Dapol reveals more CAD images of its forthcoming Mk. 3 RFM and ‘Bubble car’ in ‘N’ gauge, Shawplan releases its Ultimate ‘Deltic’ parts in its Extreme Etchings range, along with a tonne of new nameplates and other items, plus there are useful new structures in the Bachmann Scenecraft range.
• Reviews: This month sees two notable new 4mm scale products, both tooled by Bachmann. Of most interest is the Modelzone-commissioned Mk. 1 TPO sorting van, which is released in four liveries, but modern freight stock fans will be over the moon at the availability of the Feldbinder-constructed JPA bogie cement tanker. Released in Lafarge and Castle Cement schemes we check how it rates compared to previous Bachmann models and, of course, the prototype.
• Research: RAIL EXPRESS Modeller goes heavy metal for the first part of a feature that documents steel coil operations over the last three decades. Written by freight historian David Ratcliffe, it also includes our trademark detailed train formation diagrams from the BR blue era to the present day.

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 76

• Modelling: Dapol’s IHA/KIB sliding hood steel coil carrier was something of a disappointment when it was released, which prompted Simon Bendall to attempt to upgrade the VTG wagon using parts from the Hurst Model kit. The improvement is impressive.
• Pictorial: Thornaby’s fleet of refurbished Class 37/5s were inextricably linked with steel coil traffic out of the British Steel works at Lackenby. The editor models the famous pairing of Nos. 37501 Teesside Steelmaster & 37502 British Steel Teesside.
• Exhibition diary: Our usual listings of the shows coming up over the next month which feature diesel & electric era layouts.
• Serial: The last six months have seen an outstanding selection of new freight vehicles debut on Mostyn’s extended fiddle yard. The boys from Barrowmore illustrate some of these additions to their every growing wagon roster.

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New issue: REM74 June 2010

May 28, 2010

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 74REM74: In-depth research and the latest news
Inside RAIL EXPRESS magazine No. 169.
In the bumper June 2010 issue:

• Comment: The last few weeks have seen a mad dash by retailers to link up with manufacturers to produce any remaining locomotives not already claimed – we report on news of 4mm scale Classes 76 & 77, the ‘Blue Pullman’ and LMS/EE ‘twins’ Nos. 10000 & 10001.
• News: Pre-production samples of our BR blue Class 03s have arrived. There are also full details of the latest announcements, which includes Co-Bos, EM1/EM2s, ‘Blue Pullman’ and LMS ‘twins’.
• Reviews: Hot on the heels of its tasty little Class 86 reviewed last issue, Welsh firm Dapol has produced the Class 58 freight loco in ‘N’. We also investigate the firm’s new small scale ‘Silver Bullet’. Meanwhile, in 4mm scale, Dapol has released the Tiphook Rail ‘Pocket’ container wagon, while Bachmann’s much anticipated MBA ‘Monster’ box has also arrived. Finally, several other new models are reviewed, including Hornby’s latest DVT pack, representing a Wrexham & Shropshire Class 67+DVT combination. Plus new products from ZTC and Graham Farish. All are examined.

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 74

• Research: Another interesting commodity guide from freight expert David Ratcliffe. This feature concentrates on the movement of whisky within Scotland and across the rest of the network.
• Modelling: Chris Ibbotson builds a Bratchell Class 455/9 kit to represent a South West Trains inner-suburban example. This colourful EMU is easy to build but not so easy to paint and finish!
• Exhibition diary: DEMU’s annual Showcase Event is previewed – a must visit event for all diesel & electric era modellers. We also take a look at the line up for the Chatham event, which includes Mostyn.
• Serial: Work is progressing well on the new hidden sidings for the Barrowmore MRG’s Mostyn layout. 40 new ‘P4’ copperclad turnouts were built in just six weeks. Check them out here.

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New issue: REM73 May 2010

April 29, 2010

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 73REM73: The latest news and honest reviews!
Inside RAIL EXPRESS magazine No. 168.
In the bumper May 2010 issue:

• Comment: Modellers have spoken in a survey and overwhelmingly they have turned away from proposing new diesel or electric era prototypes! REM’s editor asks if the D&E ‘bubble’ has burst?
• News: In a surprise move, Kernow Model Centre transfers production of its ‘Thumper’ DEMU from Dapol to Bachmann, plus more RAIL EXPRESS Modeller reveals more upgrades for the Class 37/7 project. Graham Farish shows off its forthcoming ‘N’ prototype DELTIC and Hattons plans a Loadhaul liveried Class 14!
• Reviews: The last 20 years have been a fallow period for fans of 25kV ac electrics, but this has now changed with the release of a Class 86 by Heljan. Arriving at the same time as the Danish ‘Can’, Welsh company Dapol has also released an ‘N’ gauge model of the same class, along with complementary British outline catenary. Check out our in-depth reviews.

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 73

• Detailing: Heljan’s 4mm scale model of the Brush prototype Falcon received mixed reviews when it first flew the nest in 2008. However, Peter Johnson
saw its potential for improvement and has recently completed this upgrade to represent the unique twin-Maybach engined locomotive during its last full year of freight service on the Western Region.
• Exhibition diary: Includes a full round-up of exhibitions with diesel & electric era interest.
• Modelling: There are more ‘how to’ articles in the form of a Cambrian kit-bash to produce a ‘Mullet’ engineer’s bogie rail flat from Dave McWilliams, while Tim Shackleton turns his attention to a portable toilet!
• Serial: Not everything went to plan for the Barrowmore boys when they took Mostyn to the MRC’s Alexandra Palace model railway exhibition. The odd goings on are revealed on this page.

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New issue: REM72 April 2010

March 26, 2010

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 72REM72: All the news and reviews for the modern modeller!
Inside RAIL EXPRESS magazine No. 167.
In the bumper April 2010 issue:

• Comment: The editor, whilst being impressed with the line-up of new items announced by Bachmann urges the company to capitalise on existing opportunities first and reconsider a range of OHLE.
• News: Heljan reveals that its Class 86 is imminent, however, its model of the BRCW Lion is pushed back to 2011. Just Like The Real Thing shows off its Class 27 kit, which will be available soon. Plus, there are some exciting announcements in ‘OO’ in the 2010-11 programme from Bachmann, not least a Class 85 and ‘Desiro’ EMU, as well as the prototype ‘Deltic’ in the Farish ‘N’ range.
• Reviews: Another short-lived loco type from Danish manufacturer Heljan. The editor takes a micrometer to Heljan’s model of the most aesthetically pleasing of the pilot scheme Type 1s, the BTH Type 1 (Class 15). We also given our verdict on a new wagon release. Most famously utilised on the Burngullow–Irvine clay slurry flow, the ICA/B bogie ‘silver bullet’ tankers have now been released in 4mm scale by Dapol.

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 72

• Research: With the release of Hornby’s model of the Mk. 3b Driving Van Trailer, REM provides a guide to the correct usage of these vehicles. Includes formations from InterCity to the present day.
• Exhibition diary & Reviews extra:
The ‘Warship’ diesel-hydraulic makes a return to the Bachmann range, now with lights and DCC decoder fitted. Also includes a full round-up of exhibitions with diesel & electric era interest.
• Modelling: Mostyn team member Dave Millward builds up 51L’s ironstone hopper kit, the first of a fleet of nearly 70 such vehicles! Check out the column for more on this ‘signature’ wagon type for Mostyn.

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New issue: REM71 March 2010

February 24, 2010

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 71REM71: The best modelling, the latest reviews!
Inside RAIL EXPRESS magazine No. 166.
In the bumper March 2010 issue:

• Comment: Whisper it if you dare, but editor Philip Sutton, has a real penchant for those honorary steam engines of the diesel world, the diminutive 204hp Class 03s. Perhaps it was down to his mis-spent youth, sitting on the end of Newcastle station or bunking around Landore shed but the fool’s now gone and ordered a box load of models for readers to share in his obsession!
• News: REM launches its special edition Bachmann Class 37 ‘heavyweights’ with made-to-order models featuring a pair of locomotives wearing the popular Loadhaul scheme, as well as Mainline Freight and Transrail liveries. We picture Bachmann’s brand new Arriva Trains Wales Class 57/3, while there are also details of the latest products from Just Like The Real Thing, Heljan, PD Designs, Chivers Finelines and many others.
• Reviews: Much anticipated since it was announced in the middle of 2009, Hornby’s Mk. 3b DVT has now been released, with initial runs being sent out to RAIL EXPRESS readers first. We look at this much needed vehicle which plugs a key gap in the range of D&E era coaching stock. Also, Chris Ibbotson builds up S-Kits FEA-F railhead treatment train flat and water supply tank wagon.

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 71

• Research: Having already provided 4mm scale reproductions of the ‘Hymek’ and ‘Western’ diesel-hydraulics, Danish company Heljan has now released another member of the diverse WR fleet, the Swindon 0-6-0 Type 1s, nicknamed ‘Teddy Bears, which have been produced as a commission for Hattons of Liverpool. Simon Bendall examines the new loco and reports his findings.
• Detailing:
Thinking of dabbling in 7mm scale but money is tight? Why not start out by upgrading the old Lima Class 33, which can still be found on the secondhand market? This was exactly the route chosen by well known ‘N’ gauge modeller Richard Dockerill who wanted to try his hand in the senior scale. Here he relates the work undertaken to bring the Italian model up to the standard of its contemporaries. Judge for yourself but the transformation is amazing.
• Modelling: Another column in the continuing story of the ‘P4’ exhibition layout Mostyn. Sometimes it’s stupidity, sometimes it’s an accident and other times it’s just plain wear and tear but the team always return from shows with stock and layout damage to repair. In this article BMRG takes an in-depth look at the effects of the passing years on Mostyn stalwart, Type 2 No. 24047, including a guide to remotoring with a pair of five-pole power bogies.

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New issue: REM70 February 2010

January 27, 2010

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 70REM70: The best for modern modelling!
Inside RAIL EXPRESS magazine No. 165.
In the bumper February 2010 issue:

• Comment: It’s time to total up the releases from 2009 and make some judgements! Do you remember what models hit the shelves in the last 12 months… surprisingly there weren’t many. We look at the results before finally making our call for the top model of the year, and for the one we judged the worst.
• News: Bachmann releases the first images of its completely retooled Class 03 0-6-0DM shunter and its forthcoming ‘Autoballaster’ wagons, Hattons unveils its Class 14 ‘Teddy Bear’ Type 1 trip locomotive and Replica’s ‘rub-down’ transfer range is extended. There is also an update of our DB Schenker limited edition Class 37/5.
• Reviews: The release of a new ‘standard’ British Railways wagon from the 1950-60s is always a treat. With this key period for freight stock ignored by most other manufacturers, except, of course, when it comes to locomotives, Bachmann has followed up its excellent range of BR 12-ton vans with another Modernisation Plan classic, the ‘Presflo’ cement hopper.

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 70

• D&E Files: With the release of the Bachmann ‘Presflo’ hopper imminent, we take a look at the prototype vehicles, with numerous photographs and a 4mm scale drawing. Geographically widespread and long-lived they are the perfect wagon for 1960-80s modellers.
• Research: Confused by the multitude of TOPS codes, identification types and vehicle numbering applied to first generation diesel multiple units, especially in the pre-1980s era? You are not alone! The Mostyn boys present a DMU primer, before going on to explain how the team chose the Class 104 sets that they modelled.
• Modelling: The Mostyn team explain the philosophy behind the decision to ‘go it alone’ with the BRCW Class 104s and design a range of detail parts based around the donor Hornby ‘Calder Valley’ unit, before moving onto a thorough explanation of the DMU rebuild project itself.

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