New issue: REM68 December 2009

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 68REM68: Taking D&E modelling to the next level!
Inside RAIL EXPRESS magazine No. 163.
In the December issue:

• News: Heljan announces another unsuccessful diesel class from the 1960s, the English Electric/Napier ‘Baby Deltic’ (Class 23) and shows off painted body samples of its forthcoming BTH Type 1 (Class 15)., there is a preview of our next limited edition – 37670 St Blazey T&RS Depot in DBS red – Dapol’s ‘Silver Bullet’ and Bachmann’s tasty looking JPA and MBA wagons
• Reviews: Dapol’s ‘N’ gauge Class 153 diesel multiple unit is our main review this issue, while we also take a look at the same company’s new ‘OO’ gauge Thrall Europa/EWS MBA and MCA ‘Megaboxes’. There is also a look at the latest set of ViTrains releases, which includes a limited edition pair of West Coast Railways locos, as well as a Virgin Class 47/8 and DRS ‘compass’ Class 37/5.

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 68

• Modelling: It has been an epic struggle, but the two BREL Type 5s started way back in REM64 are now completed… almost! No. 56075 West Yorkshire Enterprise and Loadhaul reliability modification test bed loco No. 56102 have consumed hours of spare time and inspired a range of new detail parts in Shawplan’s Extreme Etchings range. Gareth Bayer tells the third and final part of the story.
• Serial: Keeping with the wagon theme of previous instalments, the Mostyn group look at British Railways diagram books, and provide the fruits of their research online for everyone to see! Go visit and see for yourself!

On sale at the Warley show (Nov 21st/22nd), via subscription (Nov 24th) or from your local newsagent (Nov 26th).


33 Responses to New issue: REM68 December 2009

  1. Howard says:

    wow! looking like another good issue – 37670 looking fab and and ideas on delivery of 66301?

  2. Howard says:

    cheers Gareth, 37670 ( looking by the small picture ) looks GREAT! to get a painted sample that quick is amazing!

  3. Owen williams says:

    No modelers guide to ___________ (fill space) freight trains again this month, i do like this feature. owen.

    • Wayne says:

      I also like this feature, it gives some really useful ideas. Perhaps in addition to the usual long trains shown in the artwork, perhaps a variation of these could be shown for people who model with limited space?

      Just a thought… Looking forward to picking up this new issue, keep up the good work guys and can we see the modeller as a stand alone mag?


  4. Ton says:

    Thanks for the preview for the next issue of Rail Express & Rail Express Modelling.

    You have an incorrect web address displayed for the Barrowmore Model Railway group.
    Their website is http//
    They are not on website.
    Hope this of help

  5. Matt says:


    Any ETA for the pair of Colas Rail 47s yet ? Just wondered when to expect mine to come.


  6. mark jackson says:

    realise you will be busy with the fastline 66’s so don’t expect any quick reply but any news from warley. (again I know show was only yesterday couldn’t make it so was just wondering)!!!
    thanks in advance

  7. Howard says:


  8. Howard says:

    hello rex, my friend got his 66301 today and i must say very good! very impressed with a 10/10 from me! now the only problem is that i am waiting for mine

  9. Paul says:

    Hi 301 fantastic any date for the hornby ews 67 /dvt pack

  10. Alex Fenton says:

    dear rail express: i have not yet recieved my class66, and i do also have the dvt on order to, are you going to be delivering them at the same time?

    • Gareth says:

      Hi Alex,

      The last Fastline 66s will be despatched at the end of this week.

      We are still awaiting the DVTs, but have been assured on several occasions that we will have them before Christmas. It is unclear at this time if we will have them in time to send them out before Christmas though.

      Cheers, Gareth

  11. Howard says:

    got my fastline 66 today – superb

  12. Paul says:

    Do you have the dvt packs yet a few are being advertised on e bay as in stock including the ews managers pack

  13. Paul says:

    Cheers for the reply i know how busy you all are keep up the fantastic work

  14. mark jackson says:

    Considering the DVT’s are not on the december release email from Hornby (available on hornby site) I suspect we may not see them.
    Maybe they are waiting till next year for release with the retooled 67!!!

    • Gareth says:

      Hi Mark,

      RAIL EXPRESS readers provided the impetus for the project – in the form of a large number of pre-orders – and Hornby has intimated that a reward for this would be that these pre-orders would be shipped to us in advance of those going into retail. While this can’t be guaranteed, we have been continually assured that the DVTs allocated to our readers will be the first to arrive and that they will be here before Christmas.

      Cheers, Gareth

  15. mark jackson says:

    Hi Gareth
    thanks for the clarification, I have ordered the ews pack via yourselves so have a vested interest (hope) they do turn up soon!

  16. mark jackson says:

    have you been allowed to put in details of hornbys 2010 range in the latest mag (due before christmas I think).
    Is there much for us in the range -asking for numbers really don’t expect you to give the game away!

    • Gareth says:

      Hi Mark,

      I’m afraid that I can’t comment on the contents of the next issue other than to say that we have our usual extensive post-Warley coverage along with in-depth reviews of the revised Bachmann Class 47 and the 4-CEP.

      Cheers, Gareth

      • Alex Fenton says:

        hi gareth, just seen on hattons and rails of sheffield that the malcom raill 66 has finally arrived, and what a little beauty it is!

  17. mark jackson says:

    Hi Gareth
    fair enough thanks for the prompt reply.

  18. Neil Robinson says:

    Hi Gareth

    Received my Fastline 66 yesterday – Stunning!

    Are RE considering the Colas 66 as their next LE??
    If so, sign me up for one.



    • Gareth says:

      Obviously we can’t comment on future limited or special edition locomotives until we are able to formally announce anything, but I can tell you that Colas Rail were over the moon with our ViTrains twin-pack.

      Cheers, Gareth

  19. mark a says:

    hi gareth
    i’ve got the new bachmann 47 in red/grey im a postie so i had to have one its ok it dont lean im pleased with it, ordered the DB 37 also to go with my 66
    merry xmas to all

    • Gareth says:

      Hi Mark,

      The new Bachmann Class 47 is vastly improved over the original. We’ve got a review of the retooled model in the next issue (out on Monday!).

      Cheers, Gareth

  20. mark jackson says:

    Hi gareth
    is that posted to subscribers monday or in the shops monday?

    • Gareth says:

      Hi Mark,

      It should be arriving with subscribers and specialist distribution on Monday. Shops one or two days later.

      On time two months in a row, whatever next!

      Cheers, Gareth

  21. mark jackson says:

    Hi Gareth
    on time again, what will we have to moan about now!!!

  22. Darran brown says:

    The best modern image magazine around. I collect the issues every month. I do have a question, the directional lighting on the new Bachmann 4 CEP does it change from White to red when changing ends as mine stays perm red at tail end and White at the 2 digit end.
    Keep up the most excellent work

  23. mark a says:

    got my cl37 metals pack today ,its superb
    thanks gareth and team

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