New issue: REM67 November 2009

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 67REM67: The very best in modern modelling!
Inside RAIL EXPRESS magazine No. 162.
In the November issue:

• News: Dapol announces Class 92 dual-voltage electric and Class 121 ‘bubble car’ in ‘N’, Bachmann shows off first pre-production samples of Class 105 ‘Cravens’ DMU and painted ‘N’ ‘Megaboxes’ and ‘OO’ ‘Presflos’, Flangeway plans ‘Turbot’ ballast/spoil wagon to follow ‘Mermaid’, Replica rub-down transfers return, C-Rail and DC Kits reveal new Freightliner FLA ‘twin’ and Just Like The Real Thing restarts work on ‘O’ ‘Blue Pullman’ DEMU set.
• Reviews: Heljan’s Hawker Siddeley prototype HS4000 Kestrel is reviewed. Falcon was underwhelming, so how does the 4,000hp machine stack up? There are also reviews of the latest Bachmann products, including 66152 in DB Schenker red and 37428 in Railfreight Petroleum, Graham Farish’s new ‘N’ gauge Conflat A and containers, a new book by Pete Waterman on his Leamington Spa layout, and Flangeway’s Tinsley snowplough pair.

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 67

• Modelling: The second part of our detailing feature on the late-Doncaster constructed Class 56s sees the pairing of 56075 West Yorkshire Enterprise and 56102 take shape thanks to some excellent stainless steel etches from Shawplan… the job isn’t helped by some notable inaccuracies in the Hornby tooling, which have meant that compromise is the order of the day.
• Exhibitions: It’s almost time again for the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition at the NEC. This year’s event also marks the final show for the popular crowd puller layout Runswick Leamside. We also provide full listings of all the other shows over the next month with diesel and electric era interest.
• Serial: The 101st Mostyn column sees a return to the stock building progress on the layout. It’s time to retire the old Hornby Freightliner flats, because they are about to be replace by a set of 15 wagons built from the stunning Colin Craig etched kit.

On sale at your local newsagent or via subscription (Nov 3rd).

28 Responses to New issue: REM67 November 2009

  1. alex fenton says:

    do you have any progress on the fastline 66 and dvt?, because sadly it is another ltd edition that has over ran, have you heard anything since the pre production sample arrived a few months ago?

  2. Howard says:

    asking again, Any ideas on delivery for fastline 66? thats what im looking forward to and as its the end of october it still hasnt arrived and im getting impatient.


  3. Gareth says:

    Hi Alex and Howard,

    As you know, we have no control over the production of our limited and special edition models. We are completely in the hands of the manufacturer.

    In this case the DVT is now expected in December. We don’t know what has caused the delays at Hornby, but we have been assured that RAIL EXPRESS readers will be amongst the first to receive their models.

    We do not have a date yet from Bachmann regarding the arrival of the Fastline Class 66/3. I’m assuming that it is still a month off as we have not heard that the model has been shipped from China.

    I can only apologise for the delay, but I can assure you that we are just as frustrated as you guys are!

  4. Howard says:

    cheers gareth! oh well just have to wait……

    • Gareth says:

      Hi Howard,

      Latest update is that the Fastline Freight Class 66/3s should be here in time for the Warley Show at the NEC. If you’re going along to the event bring along your credit card (as proof of identity) and we should be able to give you the model there are then. Otherwise, they will be posted out to arrive before Christmas.

      Cheers, Gareth

      • alex fenton says:

        i got my cancer trust 60 based on that, sadly i cant go this year, and i really wanted to, so i guess im waiting then

  5. Darren says:

    Just hope it arrives before I move house!

  6. alex fenton says:

    thanks for that gareth, least i know its tie to gice it a track to run on!

  7. alex fenton says:

    oops bad spelling

  8. Howard says:

    hi gareth, unfortunatly warley is a LONG way from my house so i wont be able to collect it. more waiting! thank you anyway, loving REX mag and i hope more modern limited editions come soon!

  9. gerry franklin says:

    oh dear kestrel what a let down lets hope heljan leave lion and dp2 to someone else

    • mark a says:

      i what way gerry in quite pleased with mine did you get a bad one i think bachmann could do a DP2 they have the running unit for it

    • Gareth says:

      Hi Gerry,

      We’re not that impressed with Kestrel either (see review in this issue), although we think it is better than Falcon. Buying a Heljan model is starting to feel like going back in time to around the year 2000!

      Cheers, Gareth

      • mark a says:

        sorry but im happy with mine all models are wrong if you take the gauge into account to be 100% they should be EM/P4
        i think to be fair we are getting fussy mind you at over £100 pound a shot now i do see were some of you are coming from

  10. mark says:

    Hi have ordered hornby ews exec train pack from yourselves, will you be obtaining some of the correct buffet cars from hornby to follow when they become available?

  11. Gareth says:

    Hi Mark,

    Not sure about our plans for the new Hornby Mk. 3s other than what we have already announced. The reason why we are selling the 67+DVT train pack is because we wanted to reward RAIL EXPRESS readers for supporting the Mk. 3b DVT project by ensuring that no-one missed out on what is sure to be a very popular new release.

    I would say that the new buffet car will be sold through the normal channels, but watch this space.

    Cheers, Gareth

  12. mark says:

    hi Gareth
    thanks for the prompt reply, will reserve buffet car via regular model shop if rail express don’t do them.

  13. Howard says:

    i have seen a picture of 66841 in colas rail colours, must say IMPRESSIVE!

  14. gerry franklin says:

    Hello gareth im pleased you agree about kestrel though I think the falcon just beats it. The first kestrel lights fused, then i was sent a replacement. Lights went again.Ive now had these replaced and I fitted them myself. Pleased to say all ok. Now i must say at this point the service I got from modelfair was first class, and the help I got from howes also was good. Dare I say it- I had an immediate reply from Kim at heljan, unlike other model makers I wont mention. The point I was realy trying to make is if its worth doing then lets have it done well. I take Marks point about scale gauge etc. I have a small fleet of irish 141 181 so in reality these are narrow gauge but when you see the quality finish on these models im happy. The saving grace of this model is that it is the only one take it or leave it.!!!

    • mark a says:

      i gerry i liked the kestrel and are pleased with it ,but,thats a personal choice i ,did you lights fuse on DCC or normal,because the team at modelfair were i got mine from told me about some decoders not working properly with this model got the 181 nice model
      all the best mark

  15. Paul. S says:

    Have just seen a Colas 66 at Washfordheath, no prizes for guessing the next limited edition it looks fantastic.

  16. Neil Paterson says:

    Hi i know the Fastline 66’s are getting dished out to those lucky enought to be near warley , but what about those who are waiting on it being posted?

    Any ideas when they will be issued to us who are not going to warley?


    • Gareth says:

      Hi Neil,

      As soon as possible after Warley. We don’t physically have the models yet so we can’t start sending them out yet. I suspect that they will start being sent out in the last week of November and the first week of December, but remember there are nearly a 1,000 of these to be sent out so it will take a little while.

      Cheers, Gareth

  17. Neil Robinson says:

    Hi Gareth,

    Are there any spare sets of the EWS Executive pack avaiable? Would be interested. Just don’t tell my wife!

    Looking forward to receiving the Ltd Edition 66301 and a close bet is that the Colas 66 is your next limited edition model.



  18. alex fenton says:

    HI gareth, i was just wondering how the delivery of the 66’s are coming along, im really looking forward to it( i got the cancer trust class 60, absolutely loved it)would you say something like mid december?

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