New issue: REM56 December 2008

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 56 REM56: First for reviews, best for modern layouts
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In the December issue:

News: Peco reveals plans to produce a range of ready-to-run overhead electric catenary in 4mm scale, along with new concrete sleeper points. Cambrian plans to produce ‘Parr’ and 15-ton timber wagons. Bachmann’s owner Kader takes over the well-known Sanda Kan factory, which makes Hornby’s range, amongst other firms’ offerings. Judith Edge kits releases new 11001 kit, and the latest from Shawplan, C-Rail and Colin Craig.
Reviews: Hornby’s brand new HST power car is here. Read the first review in RAIL EXPRESS. The Class 43s are a relatively simple prototype, but this belies a range of differences between the fleet from new, and in-service modifications. We also take a look at ViTrains new Class 37/5 and 37/7 locomotives, Graham Farish’s all new Class 08 and 47 machines and the Bratchell Class 456 two-car EMU.

REM56 December 2008

Feature: Steve Harrod’s diesel-hydraulic masterpiece in Gauge One – Worcester Road – is our featured layout this issue. Representing a Hereford shed in perfect detail, circa 1970, this 1/32nd scale project includes stunning levels of detail and has to be seen to be believed!
Serial: The Beckenham show was the last opportunity for readers to see Mostyn in its current form before it gets rebuilt with its new side extension and extra hidden siding roads. The Barrowmore team give the traditional post-show run down, and evaluate the benefits of a completely new stock holding system that was introduced before the exhibition.

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