Heljan reveals Class 86 plans

A new locomotive and its an electric!

Heljan Class 86 Flyer

DANISH READY-TO-RUN manufacturer Heljan has unveiled details of its next 4mm scale/’OO’ gauge locomotive release, the BR Class 86 25kV ac electric, which has been added to the firms already busy 2009-10 new release programme. Initial releases will be based on the type in its later life, with an RRP of around £110.00.

Regarding the Brush ‘Kestrel’ project, the Danes have stated the following:

You will be aware the current global economic crisis has put pressure on both raw material cost and exchange rates.

We have looked at the ‘KESTREL’ project and for it to remain viable (due to the limited numbers) we will have to increase the retail price to £119.95.

It is not a decision we have taken lightly and hope you understand the reasons behind it.

Heljan has also extended its range of scenic accessories to include working UK street lights. Samples can be seen on the forthcoming Warley Show on November 22nd & 23rd.


2 Responses to Heljan reveals Class 86 plans

  1. David Millard says:

    Interesting developement, I wonder what Hornby are doing with 86 & the 58 in respose to the mor modern competition.

    The Kestrel update – why not drop the limited edition bit and produce a larger amount as a ‘special edition’ or a standard release? Falcon & the Bachmann Deltic prove there is a significant demand for the ‘prototypes’ (DP2, Lion to go….. with the LMS twins etc for the pre/early BR modellers).

    The Deltic has sold 4000-5000 now & is only available from 1 official source.

  2. gerry franklin says:

    if the kestral is not very much better than falcon i will leave it in the shop limited editions must be much much higher finnish if they are raising the price the standered has to rise also

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