Cancer Trust Class 60 is here!

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller’s 2008 limited edition hits the UK.

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller/Hornby No. 60074 Teenage Spirit

WE ARE DELIGHTED to inform readers that Hornby has managed to supply us with a part delivery of our new limited edition Class 60 model – DB Schenker branded No. 60074 Teenage Spirit. This good news will enable us to bring along a quantity to the forthcoming Warley show.

There is now, therefore, an opportunity afforded for customers who have pre-ordered this model to collect it directly from the RAIL EXPRESS stand (F35). Because of the limited quantity available to us at this time, the Class 60s will be allocated and distributed on ‘first come, first served’ basis to those who have pre-ordered.

If you wish to take advantage of this offer to take away your model during the show, then you must bring payment with you (cash or credit card only). Unfortunately cheques cannot be accepted over the weekend. However, if you have already sent payment to us in the form of a cheque, but still wish to collect and pay for your model over the weekend, your original cheque can either be destroyed or returned.

We do still have a small number of these locomotives unallocated. If you want to obtain a model at the show and you have not already pre-ordered then please contact the office by telephone (01780 470086) to place an order before Friday November 21st.

We accept this is not an ideal situation but Hornby has pulled out all the stops to deliver this item before Christmas and it seems silly not to make what we have so far received available. The balance of models are due in the following weeks and whilst it will take some time to process, pack and despatch them, we are optimistic that this can all be accomplished before Christmas.

You can still order the model using the form below:

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller/Hornby No. 60074 Order Form

Fastline Freight FEA-B

Dapol is currently working on our Fastline Freight FEA-B container wagons, the final approval samples having been corrected. It is hoped a sample will be on display at Warley. Again pre-Christmas delivery is likely but please bear with us, as the dispatch process will take some time. There is no need to contact us unless your payment details have changed. We will send out all goods as soon as they are available.

Bachmann Class 37/5s

Unfortunately, Bachmann has advised that the Class 37/5 project, although nearing completion, is not yet ready for despatch to the UK. We have advised the company to concentrate on attention to detail rather than rush anything through unduly. With final decoration now being undertaken, and a long sea voyage from China ahead, January/February arrival is now being quoted.


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