New issue: REM73 May 2010

April 29, 2010

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 73REM73: The latest news and honest reviews!
Inside RAIL EXPRESS magazine No. 168.
In the bumper May 2010 issue:

• Comment: Modellers have spoken in a survey and overwhelmingly they have turned away from proposing new diesel or electric era prototypes! REM’s editor asks if the D&E ‘bubble’ has burst?
• News: In a surprise move, Kernow Model Centre transfers production of its ‘Thumper’ DEMU from Dapol to Bachmann, plus more RAIL EXPRESS Modeller reveals more upgrades for the Class 37/7 project. Graham Farish shows off its forthcoming ‘N’ prototype DELTIC and Hattons plans a Loadhaul liveried Class 14!
• Reviews: The last 20 years have been a fallow period for fans of 25kV ac electrics, but this has now changed with the release of a Class 86 by Heljan. Arriving at the same time as the Danish ‘Can’, Welsh company Dapol has also released an ‘N’ gauge model of the same class, along with complementary British outline catenary. Check out our in-depth reviews.

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 73

• Detailing: Heljan’s 4mm scale model of the Brush prototype Falcon received mixed reviews when it first flew the nest in 2008. However, Peter Johnson
saw its potential for improvement and has recently completed this upgrade to represent the unique twin-Maybach engined locomotive during its last full year of freight service on the Western Region.
• Exhibition diary: Includes a full round-up of exhibitions with diesel & electric era interest.
• Modelling: There are more ‘how to’ articles in the form of a Cambrian kit-bash to produce a ‘Mullet’ engineer’s bogie rail flat from Dave McWilliams, while Tim Shackleton turns his attention to a portable toilet!
• Serial: Not everything went to plan for the Barrowmore boys when they took Mostyn to the MRC’s Alexandra Palace model railway exhibition. The odd goings on are revealed on this page.

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New issue: REM72 April 2010

March 26, 2010

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 72REM72: All the news and reviews for the modern modeller!
Inside RAIL EXPRESS magazine No. 167.
In the bumper April 2010 issue:

• Comment: The editor, whilst being impressed with the line-up of new items announced by Bachmann urges the company to capitalise on existing opportunities first and reconsider a range of OHLE.
• News: Heljan reveals that its Class 86 is imminent, however, its model of the BRCW Lion is pushed back to 2011. Just Like The Real Thing shows off its Class 27 kit, which will be available soon. Plus, there are some exciting announcements in ‘OO’ in the 2010-11 programme from Bachmann, not least a Class 85 and ‘Desiro’ EMU, as well as the prototype ‘Deltic’ in the Farish ‘N’ range.
• Reviews: Another short-lived loco type from Danish manufacturer Heljan. The editor takes a micrometer to Heljan’s model of the most aesthetically pleasing of the pilot scheme Type 1s, the BTH Type 1 (Class 15). We also given our verdict on a new wagon release. Most famously utilised on the Burngullow–Irvine clay slurry flow, the ICA/B bogie ‘silver bullet’ tankers have now been released in 4mm scale by Dapol.

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 72

• Research: With the release of Hornby’s model of the Mk. 3b Driving Van Trailer, REM provides a guide to the correct usage of these vehicles. Includes formations from InterCity to the present day.
• Exhibition diary & Reviews extra:
The ‘Warship’ diesel-hydraulic makes a return to the Bachmann range, now with lights and DCC decoder fitted. Also includes a full round-up of exhibitions with diesel & electric era interest.
• Modelling: Mostyn team member Dave Millward builds up 51L’s ironstone hopper kit, the first of a fleet of nearly 70 such vehicles! Check out the column for more on this ‘signature’ wagon type for Mostyn.

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Farish unveils all-new Mk. 1 coaches

March 7, 2010

New generation Graham Farish Mark 1 coaches to take to the rails.

Mk. 1 SO by Gareth Bayer

IN A WELCOME move, Bachmann Europe Plc today revealed that it is to upgrade four versions of the popular ‘N’ scale Mk. 1 coaches.

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Farish to produce Class 03 in ‘N’

March 7, 2010

Graham Farish Class 03 unveiled.

Class 03 by Gareth Bayer

FOLLOWING ITS BRAND new ‘OO’ gauge model anounced last year, Bachmann Europe Plc today announced that it is to produce a ‘N’ scale version of the Class 03 diesel shunter.

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DELTIC joins Farish range

March 7, 2010

Graham Farish announces Prototype Deltic.

DELTIC by Gavin Morrison

BACHMANN EUROPE Plc today announced that it is to produce a ‘N’ scale model of the Prototype Deltic locomotive (DP1) now preserved by the National Railway Museum.

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BAA, FNA and OTA lead wagon line-up

March 7, 2010

Another year of wagons roll from Bachmann.

BAA wagon by Gareth Bayer

THE EVER EXPANDING range of Bachmann Branchline wagons sees the introduction of several new models, the highlights being a BAA bogie steel carrier, an FNA bogie nuclear flask wagon and an OTA two-axle timber wagon.

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‘Desiro’ is first modern ‘OO’ 25kV EMU

March 7, 2010

First modern 25kV modern EMU from Bachmann.

London Midland 'Desiro'

FROM THE CURRENT West Coast operation comes the Siemens Class 350 electric multiple unit now in service with London Midland and operating out of the Siemens depot at Northampton. This will also join the Bachmann 4mm scale/’OO’ gauge range.

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