Farish unveils all-new Mk. 1 coaches

New generation Graham Farish Mark 1 coaches to take to the rails.

Mk. 1 SO by Gareth Bayer

IN A WELCOME move, Bachmann Europe Plc today revealed that it is to upgrade four versions of the popular ‘N’ scale Mk. 1 coaches.

The range of inherited Mk. 1 coaches have long been popular with N scale modellers since they were first introduced by the former Poole factory in 1981. A new set of tooling has now been produced which will allow for the first time the vehicles to include raised details, the previous models relying on intricate printing techniques on flat sided clear plastic shells to represent the detail.

Tooling has now been completed for the Second Open (SO), Second Corridor (SK), Brake Second Corridor (BSK) and Composite Corridor (CK) types. They will appear in British Railways crimson/cream, British Railways chocolate/cream, British Railways green, British Railways maroon and BR blue/grey. The new coach range will be available later this year.


12 Responses to Farish unveils all-new Mk. 1 coaches

  1. […] range will be boosted with the introduction of the prototype Deltic, a Class 03 diesel shunter and newly tooled Mk.1 coach covering SO, SK, BSK and […]

  2. Tim Hall says:

    And just after I’d bought a 9-car rake of the older ones in blue/grey (No CK or BSK, though, because they never did them in that livery). Oh well, such is progress….

  3. Adam Warr says:

    Those look really good – finally some Mk1s to match the quality of the Pullman stock! If anyone is after ideas what to do with their old coaches, I can probably help :-)

  4. michael grange says:

    those look fab but now will i do with all my older ones. Nice to them moving the bar up again but some mk11 a-z would of been a better choice for me. Looks like a big spend at this years ngauge show

  5. Simon Boulton says:

    Good to hear that we will finally get some decent mark 1’s, wonder if they will have some form of close coupling?

  6. Doug Smith says:

    Same close coupling as the staniers by the look of it.

  7. Doug Smith says:

    I can see the roof ribs! I hope they don’t make the same mistake as they did on the OO roofs. I agree that MK2s are very urgently needed. I hope dapol don’t make the mk2 as I dont like their mk3. The ends are all wrong and they are supposed to be virtually flush sided!

  8. Doug Smith says:

    Sorry to sound negative but I have been waiting since Minitrix mk1s for a decent quality n scale mk1 and I think they are nearly here. Thanks Bachmann.

  9. ben scaro says:

    will these coaches have the new, larger coach wheels, about 7.2 – 7.4mm?

  10. Mike Marris says:

    Here we go again , more upgrades on items already bought by everyone, Mk2’s are sadly lacking any LOVE so perhaps Inter city /Rasp Ripple Mk’2 etc would be a good idea, . Yes the detail on the new Mk’1 s are a vast improvement and do look and run like the real thing but when put amongst other Mk’1 s do show their age.

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