Farish to produce Class 03 in ‘N’

Graham Farish Class 03 unveiled.

Class 03 by Gareth Bayer

FOLLOWING ITS BRAND new ‘OO’ gauge model anounced last year, Bachmann Europe Plc today announced that it is to produce a ‘N’ scale version of the Class 03 diesel shunter.

230 locomotives were built by British Railways at Doncaster and Swindon from 1957 until 1962. They were allocated across all regions for pilot or shunting duties and were the second largest class of diesel shunters in service with British Railways. Withdrawal from British Railways service began in 1963 but they were still functioning in private industry service until 1993. Although all but one has now been withdrawn from active service (one remains with First Capital Connect as a depot shunter at Hornsey following reinstatement in 1998) over 50 have been preserved for use on heritage railways.

Three versions will be produced in British Railways green (Ref. 371-060), British Railways green with wasp stripes (Ref. 371-061) and BR Rail blue (Ref. 371-062).


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