‘Desiro’ is first modern ‘OO’ 25kV EMU

First modern 25kV modern EMU from Bachmann.

London Midland 'Desiro'

FROM THE CURRENT West Coast operation comes the Siemens Class 350 electric multiple unit now in service with London Midland and operating out of the Siemens depot at Northampton. This will also join the Bachmann 4mm scale/’OO’ gauge range.

A member of the Desiro family of trains built by Siemens for use in the UK, the Class 350 EMUs were originally part of the order for additional Class 450 units for South West Trains. Comprising of 30 four-car units operating from the 25kV overhead line system, they were initially fitted with dual overhead and third rail current collection systems. They were introduced into the former Central Trains and Silverlink franchises then coming to an end and earmarked for a combined franchise. These units carried an interim unbranded livery but have now been repainted in the colours of the current operator London Midland. The third-rail collection system was removed at an early stage, although it can be reinstated easily if traffic demand requires them to be used elsewhere. Five units were loaned to Southern and had the third rail collection shoes attached for use on the 750 volt system in use on the former Southern Region of British Rail.

A further 37 units were ordered by London Midland and these are now in traffic and are designated Class 350/2, the original 30 units carrying numbers in the Class 350/1 series. Unlike the earlier version, the Class 350/2s do not have third rail provision and have different interiors as these are used on longer haul services to Liverpool and Manchester from Birmingham and London.

The Bachmann model represents both versions and will be available initially as 350102 in unbranded Silverlink livery (Ref. 31-030), 350238 in London Midland livery (Ref. 31-031) and 350115 ‘Apollo’ which also carries London Midland colours (Ref. 31-032).

8 Responses to ‘Desiro’ is first modern ‘OO’ 25kV EMU

  1. […] The Bachmann branchline range of 4mm scale/’OO’ gauge models will see the addition, for the first time, of two items designed to work underneath overhead catenary. These are a Class 85 electric locomotive and a Class 350 ‘Desiro’ electric multiple unit. […]

  2. Jack says:

    Yipee! I hope its a great model!

  3. Howard says:

    350 is on the list, should be interesting

  4. All I can say is wowee I have just picked myself up off the floor after reading that Bachmann have an 85 and a 350 coming absoloutely fantastic result. More surprises from an already renowned manafacturer FANTASTIC Tom.

  5. John says:

    Unfortunately “Apollo” Name was removed when 350 115 was re vinyled into London Midland livery so will be incorrect, should be in Silver/Blue as Silverlink/Central West Coast Desiro.

  6. Dorothy says:

    Shame that “Apollo” never made it into London Midland Colours, She was Silver/Blue Central/Silverlink West Coast desiro livery.

  7. mark a says:

    this is great a desiro,but i thought a south-west trains one would be a good idea,also as they do a turbostar they might have done an electrostar more livery choices and types,but any overhead emu is very welcome iv.e ordered my cl90/dvt pack from you cant wait all the best

  8. MICK says:


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