DELTIC joins Farish range

Graham Farish announces Prototype Deltic.

DELTIC by Gavin Morrison

BACHMANN EUROPE Plc today announced that it is to produce a ‘N’ scale model of the Prototype Deltic locomotive (DP1) now preserved by the National Railway Museum.

The 3,300hp diesel Prototype Deltic was built in 1955, and was affectionately known as the ‘cat’s whiskers’ and the ‘ice cream cart’ due to its characteristic cream stripes, French blue livery, and prominent central headlamp.

It was the most powerful diesel locomotive in the world when it was built and its success rang the death knell for steam, which up until that time dominated Britain’s railways. Subsequent to the initial run English Electric supplied 22 production Deltic locomotives for the East Coast Main Line, heralding a new era for rail travel.

The Prototype locomotive was subsequently displayed at the Science Museum in London before transferring to the National Railway Museum. It is currently at Locomotion, Shildon.

The model (Ref. 372-920) is currently in the tool room and will be released later this year.

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