Bachmann reveals Derby Lightweight

Derby Lightweight joins the first generation DMU fleet.

Derby Lightweight by Gavin Morrison

A NEW TWO-car diesel multiple unit will be introduced by Bachmann in ‘OO’ gauge in the form of the original Derby Lightweight of which 97 were built by BR workshops at Derby between 1954 and 1956. These pioneering units paved the way under the BR Modernisation Plan of 1955 for the withdrawal of steam locomotives and coaches on branch, cross country and suburban routes. As newer units came on stream, the last unit was withdrawn in 1969 and they were designated as a Class under the 1971 TOPS renumbering scheme.

The original Derby Lightweights saw extensive use across the system including the West Riding of Yorkshire; Cumbria; East London; West Midlands; South Midlands; East Anglia and Lincolnshire. Following withdrawal some units were utilised for departmental service. A two-car unit has been preserved at the Midland Railway Centre at Butterley where it is undergoing restoration.

Three examples will be available in BR green with yellow ends (Ref. 32-515), BR green with speed whiskers (Ref. 32-516) and BR blue (Ref. 32-517) with Driving Motor Brake Second (DMBS) and Driving Trailer Composite (DTC) cars modelled.

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  1. […] Class 70 which is to be joined by a new first generation diesel multiple unit in the form of a two-car Derby ‘lightweight’. The Class 37/0 locomotive is also being significantly upgraded with a new bodyshell incorporating […]

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