BAA, FNA and OTA lead wagon line-up

Another year of wagons roll from Bachmann.

BAA wagon by Gareth Bayer

THE EVER EXPANDING range of Bachmann Branchline wagons sees the introduction of several new models, the highlights being a BAA bogie steel carrier, an FNA bogie nuclear flask wagon and an OTA two-axle timber wagon.

For those modelling the modern scene the bogie steel coil carrier with load will be a welcome addition. 305 of these wagons were built between 1972 and 1976 at the BR workshops at Ashford and Shildon. Many remain in traffic today as part of the DB Schenker wagon fleet (previously EWS). All will be supplied with cradles carrying steel coil loads.

OTA wagon by Kevin Bruce

The OTA timber wagon is used for the transport of trees mainly from Scotland to paper mills. They were first converted in 1985 from other types and were fitted with stanchions to retain the timber in place with high ends, some such as VDA vans retained the original ends. Some 268 OTA wagons were in operation during the peak years of timber traffic. Many are currently in store following the loss of a major contract by EWS in 2006 to another operator. Bachmann are producing the version converted from VDA vehicles. The models will be sold with a lumber load.

The LNER/BR 13-Ton steel open wagon will have three variants of body on an all new eight-clasp brake shoe chassis. The body types are the version with rope/chain securing rings, plain sides or plain sides with wooden doors.

The new eight-clasp brake chassis will also be used for the LNER/BR 12-Ton vans which will again have three versions of body tooling including metal ends with ventilators, wooden planked ends with ventilators and the Fruit van version with louvered ends and roof ventilators.

FNA wagon by Gareth Bayer

The FNA nuclear flask wagon is also being produced. Three versions will be available with black floor and round buffers (Ref. 38-345), sloping floor with changeover valve and oval buffers (Ref. 38-346) and sloping floor with round buffers. All three will carry the flask.


10 Responses to BAA, FNA and OTA lead wagon line-up

  1. […] New wagons are to include a BAA bogie steel carrier an OTA timber wagon the FNA flask wagon, LNER steel sided open and a range of LNER ventilated vans. […]

  2. Jack says:

    Amazing work Bachmann! Very good! Thanks RailExpress for posting this!

  3. Paul says:

    At last FNAs come on Gareth lets have a pair of DRS 20/3s to go with them

  4. Howard says:


  5. Martin Jones says:

    They Nuclear Flasks will compliment the DRS Class 37 Twin Packs perfectly…

    Fantastic news from Bachmann, save building the kits I bought at Xmas DOH !!

  6. Stuart Goulding says:

    BAA at last lets hope we see the BBA in next years
    20/3s would be great one pair pristine and one

  7. John Arnold says:

    Excellent, hopefully some decent FNA flask wagons. Thanks Bachmann. Now I can get rid of my DC Kits models. All that is let is for them to produce the converted HEA Barrier Wagons that went with them in the 70’s/80’s &I can get rid of my kits of these too.
    Oh & of course we will need to look at a decent pair of DRS 20’s with working lights as my curves are to tight for the Class 37’s which I’m getting sick of. I don’thave anything against the class, but why can the Bachmann 66’s & 47’s work on my curves, but not the 37’s ?? I have to stick with Limby, as Vitrains to me is a huge step back in modelling.

  8. Jack says:

    Well, thank god I’ve finished my DRS 20/3 conversion… I can now bag my self a few of these, and get them going… shame, I only have 1 DRS 20…

  9. John Gowan says:

    Many thanks to Bachmann. I have been waiting for a RTR BAA coil carrier for years. Any word of when they will be available?

  10. James Wells says:

    The BBA will be of interest to me – it’s perfect for my new project!

    I just hope that the bogies will be more P4 friendly than those supplied beneath the BDA, however I suspect they won’t be. It just means I can’t lazily conver them to P4!

    However, I’m not going to betoo ungrateful, it’s good to see decent models of more ‘modren’ wagons appearing!

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