New issue: REM71 March 2010

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 71REM71: The best modelling, the latest reviews!
Inside RAIL EXPRESS magazine No. 166.
In the bumper March 2010 issue:

• Comment: Whisper it if you dare, but editor Philip Sutton, has a real penchant for those honorary steam engines of the diesel world, the diminutive 204hp Class 03s. Perhaps it was down to his mis-spent youth, sitting on the end of Newcastle station or bunking around Landore shed but the fool’s now gone and ordered a box load of models for readers to share in his obsession!
• News: REM launches its special edition Bachmann Class 37 ‘heavyweights’ with made-to-order models featuring a pair of locomotives wearing the popular Loadhaul scheme, as well as Mainline Freight and Transrail liveries. We picture Bachmann’s brand new Arriva Trains Wales Class 57/3, while there are also details of the latest products from Just Like The Real Thing, Heljan, PD Designs, Chivers Finelines and many others.
• Reviews: Much anticipated since it was announced in the middle of 2009, Hornby’s Mk. 3b DVT has now been released, with initial runs being sent out to RAIL EXPRESS readers first. We look at this much needed vehicle which plugs a key gap in the range of D&E era coaching stock. Also, Chris Ibbotson builds up S-Kits FEA-F railhead treatment train flat and water supply tank wagon.

RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 71

• Research: Having already provided 4mm scale reproductions of the ‘Hymek’ and ‘Western’ diesel-hydraulics, Danish company Heljan has now released another member of the diverse WR fleet, the Swindon 0-6-0 Type 1s, nicknamed ‘Teddy Bears, which have been produced as a commission for Hattons of Liverpool. Simon Bendall examines the new loco and reports his findings.
• Detailing:
Thinking of dabbling in 7mm scale but money is tight? Why not start out by upgrading the old Lima Class 33, which can still be found on the secondhand market? This was exactly the route chosen by well known ‘N’ gauge modeller Richard Dockerill who wanted to try his hand in the senior scale. Here he relates the work undertaken to bring the Italian model up to the standard of its contemporaries. Judge for yourself but the transformation is amazing.
• Modelling: Another column in the continuing story of the ‘P4’ exhibition layout Mostyn. Sometimes it’s stupidity, sometimes it’s an accident and other times it’s just plain wear and tear but the team always return from shows with stock and layout damage to repair. In this article BMRG takes an in-depth look at the effects of the passing years on Mostyn stalwart, Type 2 No. 24047, including a guide to remotoring with a pair of five-pole power bogies.

On sale via subscription and specialist distribution (Feb 26th) or from your local newsagent (Feb 27th).

2 Responses to New issue: REM71 March 2010

  1. Howard says:

    amazing issue. if bachmann dont do a colas rail class 66, i hope to god you do!

  2. Richard says:

    Hornby announced some more new models today. all but 1 steam . Lets hope they announce more deisel releases soon. A 60 in coal and construction would be good. Any ideas

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