Colas Class 47 sample arrives

Painted samples of RAIL EXPRESS’ forthcoming Vitrains Class 47/7 twin-pack turn up in our office.

ViTrains Class 47/7

SHE LOOKS A stunner doesn’t she? Italian manufacturer ViTrains has provided a pre-production approval sample of the 4mm scale Class 47/7 No. 47749 Demelza in Colas Rail orange/yellow that it is manufacturing for us as part of our special edition twin pack. We are happy to report that it has done a splendid job in reproducing the distinctive eye-catching livery and rendering accurate body detail variations.

You will also note the correctly plated central bodyside steps, a new feature on this model. With the company taking a seasonal break during early August, we expect delivery in the next couple of months. The packs will, of course, also contain a presentation card and finely etched stainless steel name, works and shedplates. Orders have now closed on this ‘made to order’ item and a waiting list is in operation.

6 Responses to Colas Class 47 sample arrives

  1. Howard says:

    its a shame i coudldnt order this, its out of my money reach. i tried to get enough but didnt. ah well looks like heljan ones for me! i must admit, you have done a good job on these!

  2. matt says:

    do you have any more pictures ? the yellow on the sides looks too dark but it maybe the photograph

  3. Dan says:

    They look simply fantastic wouldnt mind ordering those

  4. Dan says:

    Damn i was hoping to get those ah well

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