Action stations as our 37/5s hit the UK

It’s been quite the delay, but the RAIL EXPRESS/Bachmann special editions are here and they are worth the wait!

RAIL EXPRESS Class 37/5s

WITH FULLY FINISHED production samples – in new style packaging – jetted in especially for us to display at the recent DEMU Showcase, REM is delighted to report that our five limited edition Class 37/5 models are now on the UK dockside.

Of course, it will still take a few weeks to get customs clearance and arrange despatch to our premises. After that, sending them out is a major logistical exercise for our small team, but we hope to have this completed by mid-July. Please bear with us during this time and we request that you only make telephone enquiries if they are essential or relate to payment issues.

RAIL EXPRESS Class 37/5s

We can report that Bachmann has done a superb job. Limited numbers of both the Direct Rail Services and BR Thornaby steel packs from our ‘reserve supply’ are still available to purchase but with new customers becoming aware they are imminent, they are not expected to last long. Call us now on 01780 470086 if you don’t want to miss out. Options for further flush-fronted Class 37/5s and 37/7s are being considered for 2010 release – let us know what you want!


34 Responses to Action stations as our 37/5s hit the UK

  1. Matt Dunning says:

    Am looking forward to mine arriving. In terms of what I would like for further “flush fronted” releases… how about a pair of 37s in 1990s Intercity Swallow livery for working the Scottish sleepers? As ViTrains released last year except with correct lower bodyside colours… (and Bach’s better body shape / detail). To keep it different to ViTrains how about 37510 or 505 flush front + one of the 37/0’s to match? I would be there at the front of the Q!

  2. Steve says:

    Fully agree with the Intercity Swallow comment, not really bothered about running number but do like the idea of including a swallow liveried 37/0.

    One 37/7 I would like to see would be 37707 in Triple grey petroleum with Eastfield depot plaques. I would be very interested in that one.


  3. mark says:

    i would like to see the following 37/5s

    37518 in redstripe
    37515 in drs
    37516 in west coast
    37521 in ews
    37517 in loadhaul
    37505 in intercity
    37511 in 3tg metals sector

  4. Jack Skuce says:

    This is gr8 news im looking forward for my DRS pair arriving. On the suggestions front, i would say a pair of 37516 in LoadHaul de-branded with 37517 in Loadhaul minus st aidan plates representing its final years in traffic. then i would say 37797 in EWS and 37798 in Mainline Blue. For my last suggestion i would say 37698 in Loadhaul with EWS engine room door and 37717 in Ew&s with name. I would happily buy evey 1 of those packs. Cheers

  5. Dennis Wenzel says:

    This wait for the models has been worthwhile!
    I would be glad if there are other models from the British Railways Time.

    the “Eurostar” Class 37/6 and Class 37/7 or the 37901

    or Class 37 in Unique Livery (-> Police Livery) or classic Blue

    Greetings from Germany


  6. Andrew says:

    I like to propose 37692 Didcot Depot in pale blue with Coal Sector details and 37798 in Mainline blue both weathered of course! The models look great but those Kingmoor Depot nameplates have to be with a black background not green??

    • Gareth says:

      > The models look great but those Kingmoor Depot nameplates have to be with a black background not green??

      Hi Andrew, the nameplates are most certainly green backed:

      Thanks everyone for the suggestions, please keep them coming. Due to the design of the Bachmann tooling, Loadhaul-liveried machines (due to the plated window), DRS/EPS Class 37/6s and the ‘Heavyweights’ are not quite as simple as another run of Class 37/5s, but we are open to any suggestions.

  7. Stuart Goulding says:

    Saw them at the show they look great!!!!!!!!!
    Very glad I ordered all five.
    If possible (tooling perminting) 37503 in EW&S &
    37521 English China Clays in EWS regulars at Warrington.
    Also what about some wagons to go behind them, how about flask wagons for the DRS locos or BAA/BBA bogie steel wagons with or without cradles. I know there are kits avaliable for these wagons but there are many individuals out there who struggle to build them.

    Following the success of these models why no approach Bachmann to produce the DRS class 20s or some of the Thornaby 20s to match 37501/502.

  8. matt says:

    is the nameplate just printed ? i think black ones were fitted earlier this year so it would be quite easy to just fit black etched ones over the top

    they look great

    • Gareth says:

      Hi Matt,

      The nameplate is printed and it is reproduced just slightly smaller than the supplied etched versions to aid fitting. However, the plate on the real 37688 is still green!

      • matt says:

        upon closer inspection of photos it looks as though the grime and dirt overtime has just faded the green so it almost looks black.

  9. Mark says:


    Agreed it must be a pair of intercity swallow liveried examples (maybe 37/0s to follow as a standard release.

  10. Howard says:

    This does look superb, i didnt order these but did order the Fastline 66, looks superb.

    What i would like to see is:
    37516 WCRC
    DRS class 20s + Flask wagon set
    37152 In Railfreight red stripe

  11. CHRIS says:

    Glad to see the 37/5s have docked, can’t wait to see these models for real!(they look superb in the above photos)!

    Would love to see the following:

    35,503 EW&S
    37,510 Intercity swallow
    37,511 STOCKTON HAULAGE (Metals)
    37,518 Railfreight red stripe
    Twin pack: 37,684 PEAK NATIONAL PARK and 688 GREAT ROCKS (both in construction livery)
    37,707 (Petroleum) with Eastfield scotty depot plaque.
    37,711 TREMORFA STEELWORKS (Metals)

    Hopefully will see some of the above next year (fingers crossed)!

    Lastly would love to see Rail Express do a similar project for the 47/7s (the forth coming Bachmann 47 looks superb),would need new tooling but just think of all those NSE and ScotRail 47/7 train packs!

  12. jack says:

    how are these packaged ? is it possible to seperate them if only one of the two is required

  13. David Laing says:

    I’m with Stuart and Howard: a set comprising a pair of DRS class 20 with one or more nuclear flask wagons would be great.

  14. Craig Rowbotham says:

    I too would like to see some of those already listed:

    37503 EW&S
    37510 + 37/0 Intercity Swallow (Twin Pack)
    37521 EWS
    37684 + 37688 Construction (Twin Pack)
    37707 Petroleum
    37798 Loadhaul

  15. David says:

    I would most certainly buy a twin pack of 37503 in EW&S and 37521 in EWS.

  16. Andrew says:

    Any EWS (not EW&S) + Petroleum sector 37/5 or 37/7. So 37521 I guess as its been in both liveries and one other loco, maybe 37707 as its been heavily suggested (petroleum).

    PS How costly a retool would a DRS 20/3 be from bachmann? Surely it would be popular?

  17. Mark says:

    Fully agree with all the comments on the Intercity Swallow livery my choice would be 37 510 and 37 683, if it was a twin pack these being numbers vitrains have not used.It would be great if either of these could be offered singularly and my name would certainly be on the the pre order list for any of these.

  18. George Woodcock says:

    Hello Chaps

    Thanks for the loco. It doesn’t matter to me as I am respraying it but I think 37510 has the wrong roof. It should be a smooth one , not ribbed. I don’t know if you are already aware of this.



    • Gareth says:

      We are well aware and have already mentioned it here and also on places like the DEMU forum. We were originally going to produce 37515 but just a few weeks before we were due to announce the models this loco was involved in a severe accident, thus we decided to change the number to 37510. Unfortunately, due to the way the Bachmann moulding is designed the smooth roof would have meant a whole brand new insert which was prohibitively expensive.

  19. Jon Minay says:

    i agree with the laod haul comments, and the intercity ones, i personally am interested in sectorised eras, so therefore petroleum or construction ones would definately take an order form me!

  20. Simon Morgan says:

    I would look at the following :-

    37116 Sister Dora Transrail
    37503 EW&S
    37521 English China Clays EWS
    37517 Loadhaul
    37505 British Steel Workington Transrail
    37516 West Coast Railways
    37706 EWS

  21. Alasdair says:

    I would like to see a twin pack containing West Coast Railway’s 37516 and 37676 ‘Loch Rannoch’ and the EWS pair 37503 and 37521 ‘English China Clays’ as already mentioned.

  22. Paul says:

    Loadhaul, EWS and WCRC versions would be nice!

  23. Davie Paterson says:

    37 505 Intercity
    37 517 Loadhaul
    37 521 Petroleum

  24. Rob says:

    I Would just like to see the 37’s that i am still Waiting for! Almost 9 months late!

  25. John Gowan says:

    I am looking forward to receiving 37501 and 37502. I agree with Stuart that there is a requirement for BAA or BBA steel wagons to complement the Bachmann BDAs.

  26. john says:

    why not Mainline blue with silver lining ? bachmann has not released a Mainline liveried 37 and it would be an interesting ltd ed.

  27. Ken MacDonald says:

    Where can I find that very helpful list of suitable locos that could be repainted using the new 37/5’s ? sure I had/saw it somewhere…………… ?

    As for future releases ?
    37 505 / 37 683/5 or 37/0s in Swallow Sleeper Livery
    37 707/08 in R/F Petroleum

  28. Ken says:

    Hi Gareth
    Aha – I knew I had seen it somewhere! I’ll get it off the DEMU forum – although the site appears to be “down” at the moment for whatever reason ? If not I’ll get back to you.

  29. mike pullen says:

    hi what about
    37902 metals british steel llanwern
    +of course 37s 901/905/906 in various liveries
    37/6 in EPS/ triple grey with DRS logos
    37358 p&o containers in large logo ,with freightliner brandings
    37512 metals thorneby demon
    37065 any livery with its different front ends or one of the other small batch i.e 37100
    37671 tre pol & pen with incorrect metals subsectors
    37104 or 37/5 with railfreight general subsectors

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