Bachmann reveals future plans

Brand new Class 03 and 2-EPB unit head up Bachmann’s programme.

Bachmann for 2009

BACHMANN TOOK THE opportunity to launch a number of product range additions and enhancements at the Model & Hobby Show trade event this last weekend, effectively signalling the company’s production plan for the next 12-18 months.

Headline announcements in its Branchline ‘OO’ gauge line were a brand new Class 03 diesel shunter and a Class 416 2-EPB third rail electric multiple unit. These will be joined by new items of freight rolling stock encompassing the 20-ton traditional ‘Presflo’, IPA ‘twin’ car transporter, JGA bogie cement tanker and DB Schenker’s MBA & MOA bogie box wagons.

Bachmann for 2009

As is to be expected, numerous products also receive new colour schemes such as the Class 66 which will wear DB Schenker red and the DRS/Malcolm customer livery. A number of current projects not far off completion were also displayed, notably the Class 150 DMUs, which are the first Bachmann items to be manufactured in the Sanda Kan factory, and an upgraded Class 47 showing revised bogie, bufferbeam and underframe tank detail.

Bachmann for 2009

‘OO’ gauge Branchline highlights:

• Class 03 shunter
Brand new tooling with redesigned chassis incorporating die-cast running plate and DCC decoder socket. Detail variation to include different exhaust stacks and the fitting of air-brake equipment. Running numbers will be: D2011 BR green, D2388 BR green with wasp stripes, 03066 BR Blue.

• 2-EPB Southern EMU
Two-car unit to the BR build of the original SR design. Internal lighting plus illuminated headcode panels are promised along with fully detailed underfloor equipment. Initial liveries offered will be BR green, blue and blue/grey.

• New freight rolling stock
VTG bogie cement hopper (TOPS code JPA) in Lafarge & Castle Cement liveries
EWS high-sided bogie box wagons (TOPS code MBA) with/without buffers
EWS low-sided bogie box wagon (TOPS code MOA)
STVA ‘twin’ double-deck car transporter (TOPS code IPA)
20-ton ‘Presflo’ cement/powder wagon – Tunnel/Crown/Blue Circle/Snowcrete

Bachmann for 2009

• Notable reliveries
Class 37/4:
37428 David Lloyd George Railfreight Petroleum sub-sector
37406 The Saltire Society Railfreight Distribution

Class 57/3
57315 Arriva Trains Wales

Class 66:
66152 DB Schenker red/grey
66412 DRS/Malcolm Rail

Class 45:
D95 BR plain green (split headcode)

• New 4mm scale Scenecraft buildings
Cement works; Brewery complex; Lineside hut; Diesel depot office, fuel storage tanks, bicycle rack, lifiting jacks and sanding plant; Modern industrial unit plus accessories including plastic bundled tanks, cable drums, commercial skips, and fencing; Station kiosk and ticket machines; House under construction. Low-relief buildings are also being introduced for the first time to represent terraced house backs and factory buildings.

All models are hand-painted pre-production samples. Photographs by Philip Sutton, not to be reproduced without permission.


13 Responses to Bachmann reveals future plans

  1. mark says:

    are you watching hornby…………..!

  2. dave says:

    Dont mean to be picky but the malcolms loco 66412 has never hed yellow axle covers,people will pick up on it and start wingeing you know what they are like,looks a nice model though keep up the good work.

  3. mat says:

    dave, the pic of 66412 will be a pre production example and probably not representative of the finished product.

    cracking line up this year, as long as the 150 appears im happy, been waiting years!

  4. toby miller says:

    the new locos will be a help to modern modeling.
    66152 and 66412 will be useful as well as 57315.

    good they’re not limited editions!

    but I’m not sure if 66412 is painted like that!?

  5. Howard says:

    amazing looking sheds. 66152 and 66412 both look amazing. they are coming to my railway!! that makes 8 sheds on my railway. cant wait for the fastline one to come out!!

  6. Matt says:

    Good to see 2 more sheds from Bachmann. Given the ammount of EWS sheds roaming the rails though, I would personally like more none celebrity ones running on my layout and theres over 240 of those still to choose from ! Failing that 66050 named or 66111 with highland rail stag mtiff on bodyside would also be good. Even Bachmann doing 37401 would be appreciated I am sure by many. Bachmann do not like feedback on their website however !

  7. simon says:

    i have been waiting for the 4cig to come out for me layout on sounthern england cant wait

  8. ant daykin says:

    I have to agree, 37401 in its current livery would be a winner all round!

  9. matt says:

    I think the EWS 66152 looks a lot a
    lot better than the DB Schenker livery

  10. Jack says:

    Great! I love the new Bachmann Sheds! I am really thinking of getting the DBS one.

  11. Andrew says:

    Just had another look at the pre-production shot of the updated 47. The article says “upgraded Class 47 showing revised bogie, bufferbeam and underframe tank detail” so makes no reference to those window surrounds. I do hope I’m wrong but do those incorrect rivets still seem to be present. For me, their removal is more important than anything else.

  12. DB says:

    I do like the DBS’s but I prefer Freightliner, DRS and the EWS marroon livery. I hope that my layout will appear in RM an REM, maybe BRM but no hope yet!
    Watch out for Thornstead

  13. Brian W. Brown says:

    I understand that Bachmann class 150 will NOT be produced in First Great Western ‘Country’ livery as it being a too complex with the shading from dark blue to a lighter blue. On a 4mm scale model the shade change would be quite small and I for one would be prepared to forgo the lighter colour if it meant a class 150/1 and 2 in FGW livery. The class 166 appears in all pver one shade and is very acceptable, however not seeing the real thing here in Cornwall, I am not sure if it has the colour transition. The same applies to the Hornby 153, as these are now made in a Bachmann factory.
    I am convinced that the FGW ‘HST’ colour is totally wrong. I took a model down to Long roack, Penzance and compared it with the ‘real thing’ and the model is a muich lighter colour. The real stock has black dirty roofs, which if applied as weathering on the model may make it look better.
    I am interested in other readers coments on the above.

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