ViTrains’ Great Eastern

Another Class 37 is added to the range.

ViTrains Class 37

WHILE THE CLASS 37/7 ‘Heavyweight’ has stolen the headlines, Italian manufacturer ViTrains has also produced another example of the centre-headcode Class 37/0 subtype at the same time.

Representing the Stratford BR original green repaint No. 37216/D6916 Great Eastern (Cat Ref. V2030, RRP £69.99), it is identical to previously released Class 37/0s and features the same nose with sealed beam headlight and headboard clips.

ViTrains Class 37

The paint job is nicely finished and includes printed versions of the old EE Vulcan Foundry worksplate and Stratford 30A depot shed allocation plaque.

Upgrade the chassis on your old Lima Class 37s
Meanwhile, ViTrains has released a complete replacement chassis designed to fit the old Lima Class 37 (Cat Ref. V0001L, RRP £39.99). With many people still retaining examples of the discontinued Italian model, often due to liveries or sub-class variations that have yet to be made available on recent offerings, the firm has identified a market for those wishing to upgrade from the long obsolete ‘pancake’ motor to current standards.

ViTrains Class 37

The specification will be identical to ViTrains’ other Class 37 releases, featuring a central motor driving four axles with a DCC socket. The chassis is designed to be a direct replacement, only requiring the removal of the glazing pillars on the Lima bodyshell that hold the weight in place. It also includes the same bufferbeam detail pack and snowploughs, along with the plastic lighting bars.


3 Responses to ViTrains’ Great Eastern

  1. John Arnold says:

    Will Vitrains produce replacement bodyshells to fit the Lima chassis as in my opinion the Lima chassis is fine, I don’t have DCC so I don’t see the need to upgrade but the bodyshell is the part that needs altering especially if you want working lights eg. the High Intenisty Headlight to work as this needs drilling out, but replacing with the Vitrains bodyshell should save people doing this & adding the lenses.

    I only have a couple of 37/6’s ( a DRS one & an RFD Cornish one), but I would rather wait & swap the bodyshell to be honest.

  2. Gareth says:

    Try contacting them direct, or one of their parts suppliers (such as MB Models). I doubt that ViTrains will ever market the bodyshells separately, but you might be able to get them as spares.

  3. Matt Dunning says:

    Keep a look out at exhibitions. I picked up 37423 bodyshell in M/L livery for £12 recently. Will need some work to fit Lima chassis. Might have been MB models – don’t recall.

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