More Mk. 1s from Farish

Two more ‘N’ Mk. 1s are released.

Graham Farish Mk. 1s

FOLLOWING THE RELEASE of the Graham Farish ‘N’ gauge Mk. 1 BCK in BR blue/grey colours last month, another two Mk. 1 vehicles have arrived in the office for review.

The most colourful is the Rail express systems-liveried BG (Gangwayed Brake), which represents Commonwealth-bogied NEX No. 92327 (Cat Ref. 374-032A, RRP £14.50).

Graham Farish Mk. 1s

Consisting of red/grey with ‘blue flash’ logo sides printed onto a clear plastic body, the flush glazing is excellent. However, the product is unchanged from its earlier vacuum-braked only version and is thus not quite right to be used for a latter-day BG. In ‘N’ though this is scarcely noticeable. However, it is correctly missing the end access steps.

Graham Farish Mk. 1s

The other new coach is BR blue/grey RMB (Restaurant Miniature Buffet) No. M1869 (Cat Ref. 374-104A, RRP £14.50).

Graham Farish Mk. 1s

The RMB is identical in construction to the BG, albeit built to the longer chassis length. The major differences being the curious lack of footboards, while the end access steps are fitted. Amusingly the roof, which sports the extra vents associated with catering vehicles, has been fitted the wrong way around.


2 Responses to More Mk. 1s from Farish

  1. Doug says:

    Are the MK1s any closer coupled with the commonwealth couplers?

  2. Tim Hall says:

    They’re quite a bit closer that the earlier Mk1s with B1 bogies, but are still not exactly close-coupled – not quite as close as recent Mk2s.

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