Derby DMU in ‘N’ is first rate

Farish’s ‘N’ gauge Class 108 is due to hit shops soon!

Graham Farish Class 108

IT HAS ALREADY been a great year for ‘N’ gauge modellers, with numerous top quality new releases having already been produced this year. That trend continues into October with the release of the BR Derby-built Class 108 DMU in two-car power-trailer configuration from Graham Farish.

With its ‘OO’ gauge Bachmann multiple unit cousin described in the pages of RAIL EXPRESS Modeller as a ‘lightweight’ champion (REM33), it won’t come as much of a surprise to find that the smaller scale Class 108 is of a similarly high standard.

Graham Farish Class 108

In fact, the blue/grey example pictured here (Cat Ref. 371-877, RRP £89.20) is almost identical in specification and vehicle choice to the 4mm version (Kingmoor-based DMBS 53959 – pictures 2 & 3 and DTSL 54243 – pictures 4 & 5). The only thing that gives the game away are those massive ‘Rapido’ couplers!

Graham Farish Class 108

The model utilises the same less-than-satisfactory metal motor enclosure design as the 4mm scale DMU, with the large weight intruding quite a way into the passenger section of the DMBS. Obviously, this is much more acceptable in ‘N’ in order to provide adequate room for the proportionately much larger motor. The similarities also include the slight errors of the ‘OO’ release (see review in the issue mentioned above), but the manufacturer has moved the numbers to their correct positions.

Graham Farish Class 108

This example will be joined by a pair of similar two-car releases in plain BR blue Cat Ref. 371-876) and BR green with speed whiskers (Cat Ref. 371-875). All are listed for a December 2008 or January 2009 release.

Graham Farish Class 108

An excellent new model that, like the ‘OO’ gauge multiple unit on which it is based, goes straight to the No. 1 spot as the best ‘N’ first generation DMU around…


3 Responses to Derby DMU in ‘N’ is first rate

  1. michael of billingham says:

    at last a first gen unit which has nbeen missing since the 101 went out of production lets have more out of the main 2. If you are to model up to date you soon will have a chocie of 7 rtr models. Think what missing is possible a class 120 xcountry

  2. I agree that this unit is very welcome after a long wait for a new first generation DMU. However, you must agree that the wait is well worth it and we no longer have to put up with second rate models as N Gauge enthusiasts. Compare these units with the old Poole 101 and that awful Farish motor bogie! At last a model that looks great and will also run as good as it looks. I agree with the REM review and will be changing those monster Rapido couplings to microtrains.

    My missus is going to kill me if they keep bringing out these great new models! I am also looking forward to replacing some of my 08 shunters with the new correctly framed models. They look superb.

    Both Dapol and Bachmann are to be applauded. The UK market is a lot smaller than the US and Rome wasn’t built in a day. There is room for improvement but they do seem to respond to constructive criticism.

    Happy modelling.

  3. Tim Hall says:

    “Goes straight to the No 1 spot”

    Unless I’ve forgotten something it’s the only RtR 1st gen DMU available, since the 101 is long out of production.

    Now all we need is the same spec 101, plus a 122 bubble car for those 101+108+122 combos that used to run on the Cornish main line. Who said DMUs were boring?

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