New Hornby for October

More new items to arrive from Margate.

Hornby Loadhaul Class 56

ANOTHER MONTH, ANOTHER big box of new products from ready-to-run firm Hornby. In 4mm scale, there is the much-anticipated Class 56 in Loadhaul black/orange, while ‘N’ gaugers will be happy with a further selection of items in the Lyddle End range of small scale buildings and scenic accessories.

Looking at the ‘Grid’ first, this represents Romanian-constructed No. 56003 (DCC Ready – Cat Ref. R2751, RRP £108.50, DCC fitted – Cat Ref. R2751X, RRP £125.50), in the popular shadow privatisation livery of Loadhaul, the former North-Eastern division of BR’s Trainload Freight subsidiary.

Hornby Loadhaul Class 56

While this is an excellent choice of locomotive for Hornby, being the most well known of the black/orange Class 56s, it is also an absolute minefield of detail differences. This locomotive lasted through its later EWS career and into preservation wearing Loadhaul livery, and has only recently lost its colour scheme following its sale to Hanson Traction. A picture of it in its new paint can be found here.

Suffice to say, most modellers will be more than happy with Hornby’s rendering of No. 56003. The livery is well applied, the only niggle being over the orange paint used for the cabsides, which looks a little dull.

Hornby Loadhaul Class 56

However, if you’re interested in the detail problems that have slightly taken the edge of what is otherwise a fine release, read on. Those who are allergic to rivet counting please skip the next couple of paragraphs and move onto the ‘Lyddle End’ products!

Hornby has done well to note that No. 56003 has lost the bufferbeam cowling at both ends of the locomotive, while the model also sports the revised style of cantrail grilles (fitted in late 1996). This combined with the original round headlights places the model firmly in the preservation era (it wore the square style in EWS days). See the picture below for comparison with the model images.


So far, so good. However, as on fitment of the square lights, it lost the middle section of the main handrail, which was not refitted when it regained the round lights! Unfortunately, Hornby has also missed the different length cab door handrails, while it is also missing the circular vents on the roof. The lifting positions on the bodysides have not been corrected either. Most of the errors are relatively easily fixed, but the ‘staggered’ cab door handrails and roof vents have been used on other new Class 56s in the range, so they could have been included here.

Lyddle End additions:
N8752 Bungalow – £13.65
N8753 Small Stone Cottage – £12.25
N8760 Modern Telephone Kiosk (2) – £2.40
N8762 Car Sales Portacabin – £4.55
N8763 Lyddle End & District Bus Depot – £18.90
N8765 Car Service & Repair Garage – £12.10
N8768 Bellamy’s Office Building – £18.40
N8769 ‘Razor Roof’ Industrial Factory – £16.30
N8770 Modern Industrial Unit – £19.95

Lyddle End Farm Series:
N8778 Farm House – £19.95
N8779 Farm Outhouse – £12.10
N8780 Dutch Barn – £16.30
N8781 Farm Tractor/Plough Shed – £16.30

Lyddle End East Station:
N8798 Lyddle End East Station – £25.75
N8851 Lyddle End East Water Tower – £10.25
N8852 Lyddle End East Goods Shed – £24.15
N8853 Lyddle End East Signal Box – £12.90

Also new in 4mm scale/’OO’ is the old Freightliner flat, which is shunted into the Railroad range where it belongs and is supplied with a pair of 30ft containers wearing IBC Bulk red/yellow and IFF blue colours (Cat Ref. R6425, RRP £11.00).

The other release that has been supplied for a mention is a building in the Thomas & Friends series. Stanley’s Engine Shed (Cat Ref. R9265, £23.50) is similar in construction to items in the popular Skaledale selection, which makes a change from the usual all-plastic items sold with this branding.

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