Hornby digs deep

Another selection of new Hornby items.


THE DELUGE OF new Hornby products continues with an eclectic package of items which includes the only current main line-certified Class 86/2, the return of the Lima Class 37 and the infamous ‘Cartic-2’, along with the balance of the ‘Sharks’ and Grand Central Mk. 3 coaches.

The mix of old and new locomotives and coaches highlights the huge disparity between the quality of the models inside the famous red boxes, and that’s before you factor in the Railroad-branded Italian Type 3. The Class 86/2, pictured above, which represents No. 86259 Les Ross in electric blue (Cat Ref. R2755, RRP £68.50) is a case in point.

While the livery seems decent applied, to suggest that this model is somewhat long in the tooth is a severe understatement. The printed on TDM jumper cables on the ends and the crude pantographs only serve to reinforce the feeling that this should be released in the same red/yellow packaging as the Class 37 illustrated below.


Ironically, the old Lima Class 37, which makes a return as part of the Hornby Railroad range, has actually received a tiny upgrade in that it now sports couplers attached via NEM sockets. The Class 86, meanwhile, still has the original tension locks which are connected to the bogies via a massive lump of plastic.

The ‘Tractor’ is finished as one of the ETH-fitted sub class, No. 37414 in Regional Railways (Cat Ref. R2775, £41.99). At this knock down price, which is no doubt further reduced on ‘the street’, it seems churlish to criticise the livery application.


Following the release of the Mk. 3 HST TF in Grand Central black and gold a week or so back, the TS and TRSB vehicles are also now available. Numbered 42401 (Cat Ref. R4330) and 40424 (Cat Ref. R4331) respectively, and priced RRP £22.50 each, we expect GC’s short formed HST sets to be very popular with modellers. Unfortunately, Hornby’s buffet vehicle is not correct to represent the TRSB, being based on the TRUB/original TRFB body tooling.


Also making up the numbers is olive green ‘Shark’ ballast plough brake van, which is numbered as ZUV No. DB 993792 (Cat Ref. R6434, RRP £15.99). The drab green used on the model is quite dark, befitting an absolutely ex-works vehicle, but otherwise the painting and tampo printing is as excellent as the other ‘Sharks’ so far produced.


Another pair of items that may have been better released under the Railroad banner are the ‘Cartic-2’ articulated car carrier and the single-unit ‘Carflat’. Both have been discontinued for quite a while and now make a return.

The former is painted Rail blue, with Motorail brandings, and is a fictional two-car version of the famous ‘Cartic-4’ sets (Cat Ref. R6397, RRP £34.50). It comes with eight Ford Anglia 105E cars painted in various paint schemes.

The latter, meanwhile, is a somewhat crude representation of the various pre-nationalisation coach conversions that were used on Motorail services, and latter on new car and van deliveries (Cat Ref. R6398, RRP £19.50). It is supplied with three Mini vans and wears an inaccurate yellow paint scheme.

Finally, there is a new livery on the 7-plank wagon. Cat Ref. R6343A is painted as Firestone No. 2008 in blue/yellow and retails at £8.00.

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