More new Hornby for September

Another batch of new items arrive.


HAVING ONLY JUST digested the bumper package of new products from Hornby delivered earlier in the month, today sees the arrival of another few items, which includes Mk. 3 coaches in InterCity Swallow, the Land Rover and a Class 08 in the Railroad range.

The Skale Autos Land Rover is sure to be a popular release and is available in both soft and hard top configurations. The former is pictured above (Cat Ref. R7031) and wears a somewhat neutral green paint job, while the latter sports a dark green finish with Skalias Estates branding on the bodysides (Cat Ref. R7030). The vehicles are pretty much a bargain at £3.00 each.

The InterCity Swallow Mk. 3 coaches get a rerelease, which is a surprise as there was no mention of them in the catalogue as new items for 2008 other than the ex-Lima TGS. There has no doubt been some pressure on Hornby to rerun some key paint schemes with the all-new power cars being listed as imminent.


In a nice touch, Hornby now supplies the Mk. 3s without buffers, which come supplied in a little plastic bag. However, the Margate-based firm has numbered the vehicles in the loco-hauled stock range, as FO 11036 (Cat Ref. R4294A), TSO 12132 (Cat Ref. R4295A) and RFM 10225 (Cat Ref. R4296A). The latter is particulary ironic as otherwise the buffet would be correct for a major part of the HST TRUB-based fleet.


Sadly, Hornby has not taken the opportunity to correct the lower body paint colour, which is too brown, while the upper white band is slightly too thick. It is also a shame to see that Hornby is still incorrectly painting the whole of the window frame silver (it should just be the inner edge), while the gangway doors would benefit greatly from a coat of yellow paint. RRP is £22.50 each.

The final new product is the old Hornby Class 08 tooling, which has resurfaced as part of the Railroad range. No. 1 Thomas, which wears the TOPS identity 08500 (Cat Ref. R2774, RRP £32.50), is broadly based on the livery applied to the real locomotive with this number, and could be found in the South Yorkshire area on shunting duties in the late-1980s into the 1990s.


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