New Hornby for September

The latest products to arrive from Margate.

Hornby Railroad

ANOTHER MONTH, ANOTHER huge selection of new items to hit the shops in the Hornby range. September’s batch includes coaches, buildings in the ‘N’ scale Lyddle End series, many steam-era wagons and new Railroad-branded locos and rolling stock.

Of possible interest to D&E era modellers is the ex-Lima PTA bogie tippler wagon (pictured above), which notably makes a return in the Hornby Railroad red/yellow boxes. Wearing ARC mustard (Cat Ref. R6424) it still sports the same inaccurate ‘HO’ bogies, but with an RRP of £8.40 it is a cheaper option than eBay!

Also new in the Railroad range is an 0-4-0 Industrial tank engine (R2773) and the ancient LNER brake anc composite coach toolings, which reappear wearing ‘Teak’ livery (R4332/3).

Hornby’s series of Train Packs see a rerelease of the Caledonian Sleeper set, which includes a Class 90 No. 90019 and three ex-Lima Mk. 3 sleeper coaches (Nos. 10648/83/93)all wearing the latest First ScotRail scheme (Cat Ref. R2663A, RRP £125.50).

Hornby Caledonian Sleeper

On the coaching stock front, the old Palitoy/Airfix air-conditioned Mk. 2d coaches are rereleased in Virgin Trains colours masquerading as Mk. 2f BSO 9526 (Cat Ref. R4087H) and Mk. 2f TSO 6063 (Cat Ref. R4086H). The latter is mistakenly described as a ‘composite’ on the box label! RRP for both is a rather steep £22.50 each.

Hornby Mk. 2d coaches

More excitingly, the first of the range of Grand Central black and gold-liveried Mk. 3s is now available, in the form of TF 41205 (Cat Ref. R4329, RRP £22.50). Sadly, there is no sign of those buffer-fitted HST power cars yet…

Hornby Mk. 3 in Grand Central

A bumper month for wagons sees two new three-packs of assorted planked wagons: R6392 sports Trimsaran Co. Ltd., Firestone Tyres and D.R. Llewellyn liveried vehicles, while R6393 includes Bute-Merthyr, C&C Ayres and Clee Hill Granite. Both are priced £22.99 each.

Individual releases are as follows: R6296A BR (ex-LMS) 20-ton brake van M732478 (RRP £10.50), R6340A 5-Plank wagon SR 14133 (RRP £8.00), R6341A 6-Plank wagon C&C Ayres 406 (RRP £8.00), R6347A GWR 20-ton brake van 114990 ‘Bordesley Junction’ (RRP £10.50), R6390 Caib 20-ton methanol tank wagon 57503 (RRP £9.50), R6399 BR Lowmac B905467 and Morris Minor van load (RRP £9.50), and R6402 GWR Mogo van 126345 (RRP £9.99).

The Skaledale range of buildings sees a ‘Dutch’ barn (Cat Ref. R8784, RRP £19.99).

In the smaller scale, the Lyddle End range of ‘N’ gauge structures and scenic accessories gets the following new items: N8748 Mason’s Arms Pub (RRP £11.50), N8749 Faulkners Electrical Store (RRP £10.50), N8750 Fine Foods Supermarket (RRP £13.99), N8751 Hislop Hairdressers (RRP £11.99), N8754 The Old Toll House (RRP £13.99), N8755 Big Bins (RRP £3.99), N8756 Jubilee Clock Tower (RRP £6.99), N8757 Site Office (RRP £4.50), N8758 St. Mary’s Chapel (RRP £10.50), N8759 Priory Summer House (RRP £4.99), N8777 Public Drinking Fountain (RRP £7.99), N8782 Cattle Pen (RRP £7.50), and N8789 Newspaper Kiosks (RRP £3.50).

The Lyddle End ‘Coal Mine’ selection sees the following additions: N8854 Fan Drift (RRP £8.99), N8771 Headstock Sub Station (RRP £15.99), N8772 Shaft House (RRP £9.50), N8773 Winding Engine House (RRP £8.99), N8774 Fan House (RRP £7.99), and N8775 Compressor House (RRP £17.99).

Finally, the series of Settle & Carlisle-themed station building structures includes: R8850 Lyddle End East Engine Shed (RRP £25.99) and N8856 Lyddle End East Station Waiting Room (RRP £825).

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