Hornby goes Railfreight

The Class 31 and, finally, the Class 60 are released in sub-sector colours.

Hornby Class 60

HAVING MADE US wait for nearly three years and two runs of the exceptional Class 60 model, Hornby has finally produced its Brush Class 60 heavy freight locomotive in the triple-grey Roundel designed Railfreight livery, in this case wearing Petroleum decals. Also new is a Class 31 in the Construction version of the popular scheme.

The Brush Type 5 represents No. 60062 Samuel Johnson and comes complete with printed silver BR double arrow (Cat Ref. R2747, RRP £108.50). However, this machine was one of those not finished with depot plaques.

It is maybe a curious choice of locomotive, although there is nothing wrong with it per se. Rather, we might have suggested one of the Petroleum survivors, maybe even No. 60054 itself, which is the last remaing sub-sector liveried locomotive running on Network Rail. Unfortunately, the life of No. 60062 in Petroleum was cut short and it was soon given Transrail ‘Big T’ stickers. It now wears EWS maroon/gold.

Hornby Class 60

The livery application is okay, in that the colours are well defined with no fuzzy edges. However, we would query the flint grey upper body band and both the blue and yellow paint shades used for the Petroleum sub-sector badge. Finally, the font used on the nameplate bears little resemblance to the real thing.

Other than these issues, the Class 60 is still the best 4mm scale locomotive available. We would just like to see more attention to getting the livery correct, especially on a product retailing at this premium price.

Hornby Class 31

The Construction division Class 31, meanwhile, is numbered after the former Amlwch Freighter, No. 31296 (Cat Ref. R2753, £108.50), which by the point in which Hornby has modelled it had sadly lost its name. Obviously, it is a refurbished machine and carries the cab roof mounted headcode box, which is plated, and an offset sealed beam headlight.

The locomotive correctly sports a black painted bodyside door, which was a mark of the repaints performed at Vic Berry’s of Leicester, while the Immingham ‘star of the east’ depot plaque is nicely applied.

Hornby Class 31

The livery application is excellent, with the colours used being much closer to the correct shades than the Brush Type 5 illustrated above. This raises the point of what the paint colours used are even different? We would have thought that the same specification would have been used for both locomotives.


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