CE blue for Bachmann ‘Chopper’

4mm scale Class 20 gets a variation on BR blue.

Bachmann Class 20

CONTINUING ITS POLICY of keeping the older items in its range ticking over with anywhere between one and three new livery/specification combinations a year, Bachmann has released the third of three new examples of its Class 20 locomotive in a 1990s version of BR blue livery, sporting black/yellow flashes on the cab side that indicated that it was a member of the LMR Bescot-based departmental fleet.

Numbered as 20034 in pristine condition with disc-headcodes, Bachmann’s ‘Chopper’ also comes factory fitted with DCC sound (Cat Ref. 32-035DS, RRP £153.70). The livery application is to Bachmann’s usual standard, a touch on the thick side with some fuzziness, however, all is present and correct livery-wise, with the exception of the small depot sticker. Most images from the early 1990s show this in place.

No. 20034, notably, is still running today as part of the Direct Rail Services’ fleet, having been rebuilt in the late 1990s into Class 20/3 No. 20302.

Bachmann Class 20

The other two examples of English Electric Type 1s to be released in 2008 both feature centre headcodes and wear pristine original BR green, albeit with the addition of half-yellow warning panels. Cat Ref. 32-033DS represents D8158 and includes factory-fitted DCC sound (RRP £153.70), while Cat Ref. 32-034, numbered as post-1968 8164, is DCC Ready only (RRP £58.90).


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