BR green for Hornby Class 08

The well-regarded EE 0-6-0 is produced in 1960s livery.

Hornby Class 08

PROBABLY THE BEST shunting locomotive that you can buy in 4mm scale at the moment, Hornby has now produced the Class 08 in British Railways green with full yellow/black ‘wasp’ striped ends. This particular variant represents the early style body with ‘strapped’ bonnet doors and no brake equipment box on the front right hand side of the locomotive (the nose being front).

Numbered D3200 (Cat Ref. R2589, RRP £68.50), we suspect that this machine would have been vacuum-braked at this point so a number of the details supplied are not required. This includes the consumer-applied air pipes and the cylinders situated underneath the front bufferbeam.

Unsurprisingly, photos of this machine in this condition are not easy to come by, but the OHLE warning flashes, which are fitted in at least four positions on each bodyside, are almost certainly of the incorrect style, these being the later 1980s versions. We’re also not sure what is going on with the luminous green works plate! Other than these minor issues, the paint job is well applied.

Hornby Class 08

Of note, this machine was renumberd 08132 under TOPS, lasting until 1986 before being withdrawn.


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