Another Shark attack

A second run of Hornby’s ballast plough brake van.

Hornby Shark

IT DOESN’T SEEM like long since Hornby’s ‘Shark’ first surfaced (it wasn’t, it was just March this year), but the second release of the excellent two-axle ballast plough brake vans is now upon us.

The batch of three vehicles includes two all-new liveries, original BR black (ZUV No. DB 993789, Cat Ref. R6432) and olive green (ZUV No. DB 993792, Cat Ref. R6434), and a re-run of departmental grey and yellow. The latter vehicle, numbered as DB 993795 (Cat Ref. R6433) is a replacement for the ‘Dutch’ ‘Shark’ in the first run, which unfortunately was painted in the wrong shade of grey. Interestingly, it is TOPS coded ZUA and wears contemporary OHLE warning flashes and brake force markings, which place it firmly in the EWS era.

Hornby Shark

Maddeningly, the chassis is still fitted the wrong way round – the brake ‘V’ hanger should be on the same side as the stove chimney! It is a simple fix to unscrew the chassis to correct this, but it is strange that this has not been corrected in China.

Other than this minor niggle, the ‘Shark’ is excellent. With plenty more attractive liveries to work through, it is sure to be a colourful addition to the new releases for several years yet!

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