Sulzer blue from Bachmann

A pair of new corporate era BR Type 2s.

Bachmann Type 2s

FANS OF THE 1970s period may well enjoy the two latest locomotive releases from Bachmann. Class 24 No. 24035 and Class 25/1 No. 25052 wear the BR blue livery that was derided in its time, but is now resurgent on the model railway scene.

The Class 25 (Cat Ref. 32-327, RRP £58.75) follows the BR two-tone green machine released a month or so back (reviewed here). It sports a 21-pin socket, full lighting and a heavy weathered finish. For the record, No. 25052 was withdrawn in October 1980 from Laira, being scrapped in the November of the same year.

Bachmann Type 2s

The flaws of the Bachmann late Type 2s are well known, the front end not doing these classic Derby-built locomotives their proper justice, however, the Bo-Bo chassis is excellent and these models are reliable and smooth in operation.

Bachmann Type 2s

The Class 24, numbered as 24035, is very much a 1970s machine. The real locomotive was withdrawn from Crewe Diesel in late 1978, being cut-up just three months later in January 1979.

Bachmann Type 2s

Bachmann’s model (Cat Ref. 32-425DS, RRP £148.55) wears a pristine finish and is the first of the early Sulzer Type 2s to be released with illuminated marker and tail lights. It also comes factory fitted with digital sound, which well captures the characteristic racket of the 6LDA28A engine.

Bachmann Type 2s

This locomotive suffers many of the same issues as the Class 25, however, somehow they are less noticeable. This may be down to the well rendered bufferbeam cowling, or the lack of cab roof mounted headcode box.

Whatever, in the face of a complete lack of a viable alternative other than extensive reworking of this or the age-old Hornby tooling, these machines will no doubt prove very popular with modellers eager to add a dash of classic 1970s motive power to their layouts.


One Response to Sulzer blue from Bachmann

  1. Andrew says:

    I was hoping for a better Class 25/1 model this time but it looks like I’ll have to wait a bit longer… Is it my imagination, or do the yellow ends stop too soon – surely they should extend slightly round onto the cabsides and higher above the cab windows. Or was this loco different from the rest, since the number is set back from the normal position too.

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