Farish brings out the small guns

New Warship and Intermodal flats for ‘N’ gauge.

Graham Farish

HAVING BEEN SHOWN off for some time in pre-production form, Graham Farish’s stunning ‘N’ gauge D800 ‘Warship’ diesel-hydraulic (Class 42) is now on its way into shops. Joining it will be the similarly great looking FIA/IFA ‘Multifret’ twin intermodal flat.

On the Swindon-built B-B front, illustrated here are BR maroon-liveried D817 Foxhound (Cat Ref. 371-600) and the BR green-liveried D814 Dragon (Cat Ref. 371-602). The recommended retail price for both locomotives is £79.20 each.

Graham Farish

Two other Class 42s make up the initial run, D804 Avenger in the BR corporate era blue livery (Cat Ref. 371-601) and D815 Druid (Cat Ref. 371-603), which also carries the attractive BR maroon colour scheme.

Graham Farish

Included with the model is a spare bogie frame moulding, two air dams to cover the coupler slot and a whole array of well rendered small scale piping for the front of the locomotive.

As can be seen from the images, this model is equal if not better than previous Farish locomotives and it deserves to be a major success.

The other major release is the aforementioned Arbel Fauvet-built ‘Multifret’ twin intermodal flat (TOPS coded FIA or IFA), which is based on research undertaken for Farish’s parent company Bachmann’s well regarded 4mm scale version of the same vehicle.

Graham Farish

The version illustrated here (Cat Ref. 377-350) wears its delivery green livery but with EWS/Unilog lettering and sports two Seawheel 45ft high-cube containers (SWLU 965245 and 451349). RRP is £28.45.

Graham Farish

Two other versions of this wagon are also due for imminent release, both with 2x 45ft boxes in various liveries: Axis (Cat Ref. 377-351) and Seaco (Cat Ref. 377-352).

Graham Farish

This new model is sure to cause a splash with modern day ‘N’ gauge modellers and will enable another dimension to be added to freight services, one based around Channel Tunnel traffic, as well as their other domestic swapbody and conventional container usage.

After Dapol’s disappointing ‘N’ gauge FEA-B, with its incorrect headstock and inability to load 30ft containers, the ‘Multifret’ is a must buy for ‘N’ modellers of the last decade or so.

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