New TMD structures from Scenecraft

New buildings, cars and lorries in ‘N’ and ‘OO’ from Bachmann.

Bachmann Scenecraft range

A USEFUL RANGE of new additions to the 4mm scale Scenecraft buildings and scenic accessories were announced today by Bachmann at its annual trade open day. Development work on the buildings is well underway with delivery expected later this year.

Bachmann Scenecraft range

Perhaps the most interesting buildings to be unveiled were a range of diesel and electric era servicing depot structures. These include a Washing Plant (Cat Ref. 44-002), Modern Servicing Depot (Cat Ref. 44-017) and Diesel Fuelling Point (Cat Ref. 44-040). All pictured here.

Bachmann Scenecraft range

Also new are Hampton North Signal Box (LNWR Type 5) (Cat Ref. 44-011), Concrete Footbridge (Cat Ref. 44-023), Hampton Lodge (Cat Ref. 44-034), Riveted Water Tank (Cat Ref. 44-037) and Security Fence (Cat Ref. 44-505).

Bachmann Scenecraft range

The buildings have been produced in resin and include a number of railway lineside buildings and those from urban and industrial settings. All buildings are delivered ready painted and in some cases weathered. Prices range from £12.95 to £54.95.

Bachmann has also begun distributing a range of 1:76.2 scale/’OO’ gauge and 1:148 scale/’N’ gauge road vehicles under the Scenecraft name. The ‘OO’ models have been produced in conjunction with Base Toys with an RRP of £5.95 (lorries) and £2.95 (cars ). The ‘N’ vehicles have an RRP of £4.85 for a pair of vehicles. The following are now available:

‘OO’ gauge lorries
44-600 Albion Chieftan Flatbed BRS red
44-601 Albion Chieftan Flatbed BRS red
44-602 Albion Lad Flatbed BRS red
44-603 Albion Comet Flatbed BRS red
44-604 Leyland Comet tipper BRS
44-605 Ford Thames dropsided lorry LT
44-606 Leyland Hippo box van BRS
44-607 Leyland Roadtrain unit and trailer
44-608 Leyland Roadttrain rigid
44-609 Guy Warrior rigid dropside
44-610 Guy Warrior rigid flatbed
44-611 Guy Warrior 4 wheel tipper
44-612 Thornycroft 6 wheel flatbed lorry
44-613 Thornycroft highsided tipper lorry
44-614 Thornycroft refuse truck
44-615 Dodge Parrot nose tipper
44-616 Leyland FG 4 wheel tipper
44-617 Leyland FG 4 wheel dropsied
44-618 Commer Superpoise 4 wheel flatbed
44-619 Commer Superpoise dropsied
44-620 Leyland Beaver Box Van in BRS meat livery
44-621 Thornycroft 6 wheel flatbed
44-622 Thornycroft 6 wheel dropsied
44-623 Thornycroft flatbed
44-624 Leyland FG4 drinks dray
44-625 Leyland Roadtrain 6 wheel box van
44-626 Leyland Roadtrain 6 wheel tanker
44-627 Commer Superpoise 6 wheel high sided tipper
44-628 Commer Superpoise with box trailer
44-629 Commer Superpoise 4 wheel dropsied
44-630 Dodge 4 wheel tipper
44-631 Dodge 4 wheel tanker
44-632 AEC Mercury 4 wheel box van

‘OO’ gauge cars
44-750 Rover 100 P4
44-751 Austin A40 Farina
44-752 Hillman Imp
44-753 Armstong Siddeley Whiteley
44-754 Cortina Mark 1
44-755 Riley Pathfinder
44-756 Standard Vanguard Phase 1
44-757 Standard Vangaurd Phase 3

‘N’ gauge cars
379-900 Prefect
379-901 Anglia
379-902 Oxford
379-903 Cortina
379-904 Minor
379-905 Traveller
379-906 5cwt van
379-907 Mini
379-908 Capri
379-909 Taxi


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