Farish shows off new wagons

The JGA hopper and OCA open debut in ‘N’ gauge.

Graham Farish wagons

BACHMANN EUROPE unveiled the first samples of the previously announced Graham Farish OCA drop-sided open wagon and JGA aggregate hopper wagon at its trade event at its Barwell HQ today.

Prototypically, the OCA open is a steel-sided version of the OBA (previously produced by Farish). Almost 400 wagons of this type were built at BREL Shildon, between 1981-1982.

The model will be available in three different liveries: departmental grey/yellow (Cat Ref. 377-550), Rail red (Cat Ref. 377-551) and EWS maroon/gold (Cat Ref. 377-552). These will retail at £10.25 each.

Graham Farish wagons

The JGA bogie hopper is used for the conveyance of a multitude of commodities including aggregates, limestone, potash, rock salt and stone.

The model, which feature subtle detail variations depending on the livery, will be available in three different colour schemes: RMC orange (Cat Ref. 377-100), Buxton Lime Industries blue/cream (Cat Ref. 377-101) and Tarmac white/green/yellow (Cat Ref. 377-102). The model will retail at £17.75.

Both vehicles will be available from Bachmann dealers late this year.


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