Bachmann Sprinter update

The latest progress on the Class 150/1 and Class 150/2.

Bachmann Class 150

THE ANNUAL OPEN day at Bachmann Europe’s Barwell headquarters today allowed those attending a chance to see progress on the latest models, including the impressive Class 150 ‘Sprinter’ units.

These were displayed in complete pre-production form, in both major versions – the Class 150/1 and Class 150/2 – providing an interesting comparison to the bodyshells that were on display at the recent DEMU Showcase Event in early June.

Bachmann Class 150

This view of the Class 150/2 DMSL (Driving Motor Second Lavatory) shows that the DMU utilises a similar motor arrangement to that found in the Class 108 unit, except this time driving on both bogies. The windows will be tinted on both cars to attempt to disguise this arrangement in a similar way to that found on the previously produced Class 158 and 170 models.

Other than the obvious front end differences on the Class 150/1, the driver’s door and lavatory window are also correctly changed. The gangwayed ‘Sprinter’ also features a prominent NRN roof pod and fitting plate on the roof.

Bachmann Class 150

The compromise with the motor enclosure encroaching into the body is to allow Bachmann to represent the underframe detail in all its glorious detail. The amount and quality of seperate fittings is quite sublime. The powered vehicle is also fully designed to accept a sound decoder and speaker. DCC sound will be provided on board on future runs.

Also of note is the coupler arrangement between the two vehicles that allow power/DCC to be transferred for the directional lights and pick-up. It is also worth mentioning that all three of the lights on each cluster are illuminated. LEDs have also been dropped in favour of flush fitting lenses.

Bachmann Class 150

More images of these essential Mk. 3-based DMUs can be found in the next issue of RAIL EXPRESS Modeller.

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