Stora hits the shops

Hornby releases another BREL Type 5.

Hornby Class 56 56103

THE FIRST OF four new Class 56 models for 2008, No. 56103 Stora in EWS maroon and gold livery, has just been released by Hornby (DCC Ready – R2750, RRP £100.75 and DCC Fitted – R2750X, RRP £116.50).

Unfortunately, for modellers looking for a little variation from the Margate-based firm, this locomotive is identical to its previously released EWS example, No. 56059, with the exception of the name and number. It represents the same late-Doncaster build with EWS/Loadhaul-style modified cantrail grilles.

Hornby Class 56 56103

There are a couple of minor variations in that this ‘Grid’ correctly sports a yellow painted headlight surround, while the fit of the roof fan grilles also appears much better. It’s still a long way from being perfect though – the grilles should be flush with the roof.

Like the previously produced No. 56059, the paint job is equally a disappointment. While the application is more than adequate, the shade of EWS maroon appears too dull. Its ex-Lima Class 67 that was released at the same time is a touch better when it comes to representing the correct shade.

Hornby Class 56 56103

The other three ‘Grids’ that form the 2008 line up are: R2751/X No. 56003 in Loadhaul black/orange, R2752/X No. 56032 Sir De Morgannwg/County of South Glamorgan in Railfreight Metals and the DCC Sound fitted R2781XS No. 56125 in Railfreight Coal.


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