Class 73: Let’s go Dutch!

Two new paint jobs for the ‘ED’, including CE grey/yellow.

Hornby Class 73

ANOTHER BATCH OF Class 73 models have arrived from Hornby and these two former Lima products show the Margate firm at its best and its worst!

First up is Class 73/1 No. 73108 in Civil Engineer’s grey and yellow (nicknamed ‘Dutch’) livery (Cat Ref. R2765). This is possibly the best paint job that Hornby has done on the electro-diesel, with the colours and paint separation being spot on.

Hornby Class 73

Nice to see the Stewarts Lane depot plaque being used properly for once after the Heljan Class 58 in ‘Railfreight Coal’ livery debacle!

Hornby Class 73

From the good to the ugly. The other release is Gatwick Express dedicated Class 73/2 No. 73204 Stewarts Lane 1860-1985 (Cat Ref. R2767). Unfortunately, the original InterCity Executive livery has a number of issues to the point where it seems that not one aspect of the attractive ‘raspberry ripple’ scheme is correct! For starters, the red and white body stripes are far too thin, the locomotive numbers are too small and the lower body grey is the wrong colour. We could go on… this is what the real thing should look like!

Hornby Class 73

Notably, as we reported previously, the bogies now sport a NEM coupler socket. The RRP for the two ‘EDs’ is £65.99 each.


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