Bubble bubble bubble!

The Class 121 is released in three new liveries.

Hornby Class 121

ONE OF THE most popular of the ex-Lima releases in the Hornby range, the Class 121 ‘bubble car’ single unit DMU makes a return in three new paint jobs.

Surprisingly it has taken us some time to get a BR blue/grey version, but that is now here in the form of No. W55026, a Bristol-based vehicle (Cat Ref. R2770).

Hornby Class 121

Perhaps the most striking of the models is No. 121020 in Chiltern Railways livery (Cat Ref. R2769).

Hornby Class 121

Overall, the liveries are reasonably well portrayed, although the yellow warning panel on the Chiltern blue ‘bubble’ is too bright. Strangely, blue/grey No. W55026 has been given oval buffers, as opposed to the standard Oleo round ones. Like the Class 73, the bogie tooling has been altered to accommodate a NEM coupling.

Hornby Class 121

Not illustrated is No. W55028 in BR Green (Cat Ref. R2771). The RRP for the new units is £65.99 each.


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