More coal hoppers from Farish

New numbers for EWS and Freightliner coal hoppers

Graham Farish coal hoppers

FOLLOWING THE INTRODUCTION of the Graham Farish EWS HTA and Freightliner HHA 102-tonne bogie coal hoppers last year, the Bachmann subsidiary has released three more examples of these wagons with new numbers.

The Freightliner Heavy Haul HHA, based on the Greenbrier, Poland-constructed vehicles, is produced in both prototype versions, with sliding and hinged end doors (Cat Ref. 373-800A and 373-801A respectively, priced £19.20 each).

Graham Farish coal hoppers

This is the type with sliding doors. The livery is well produced, while the wagon is almost a dead ringer for its excellent 4mm scale cousin, produced as part of the Bachmann Branchline range.

Graham Farish coal hoppers

The EWS hopper, meanwhile, represents the Thrall (later Trinity Rail) built rival products, which were built in both the former C&W Works at York (the short lived Thrall Europa) or in the Czech Republic.

Graham Farish coal hoppers

Just one number has been released on the HTA (Cat Ref. 373-850A, priced £19.20), and the vehicle is equally as superb as the Freightliner hoppers.

Graham Farish coal hoppers

As we have said in the past regarding both the ‘N’ and ‘OO’ coal hoppers which Bachmann/Graham Farish produces. It seems a shame that the company does not produce these in multipacks of three or five wagons with different numbers.

Having said that, these are still quality models, and with prototypical coal train lengths of the HHAs and HTAs being around the 19-20 wagon mark, ‘N’ gauge gives a real opportunity to model scale formations.


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