Go GNER with Graham Farish

New Mk. 3s in the erstwhile ECML operator’s colours.

Graham Farish Mk. 3 in GNER

ALTHOUGH THE East Coast operator GNER is no more, having been replaced last year by National Express on the prestigious route, ‘N’ gauge modellers can keep the GNER flag flying with a new selection of 75ft Mk. 3 HST trailers in the dark blue and red colours.

Wearing the later version of the colour scheme with red doors, seven new vehicles have been produced. Pictured here are two of the Trailer Second cars Nos. 42219 and 42235 (Cat Refs. 374-327A and 374-327D respectively).

Graham Farish Mk. 3 in GNER

There are also a B and C versions, Nos. 42057 and 42243, making four TS is total. Also new is a Trailer First (TF) No. 41100 (Cat Ref. 374-352A), Trailer Restaurant First Buffet (TRFB) No. 40711 (Cat Ref. 374-378A) and a Trailer Guard Second (TGS) No. 44019 (Cat Ref. 374-403A).

Graham Farish Mk. 3 in GNER

All are available now, priced £14.50 each.


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