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Four new numbers/names for Bachmann’s Mk. 1 Pullmans.

Bachmann Mk. 1 Pullman

FIRST RELEASED IN the back end of 2006, Bachmann’s Met-Camm Pullman coaches built on the firm’s excellent Mk. 1 platform. The company has now followed up the first run with a set of four new number and name combinations.

Painted in the attractive umber and cream colours in which they were delivered, the four new vehicles are as follows: Pullman Kitchen First (PFK) Magpie (Cat Ref. 39-280A, pictured below), Pullman Parlour First (PFP) Amber (Cat Ref. 39-290A), Pullman Kitchen Second (PSK) Car No. 333 (Cat Ref. 39-300A, pictured bottom) and Pullman Parlour Second (PSP) Car No. 348 (Cat Ref. 39-310A).

Bachmann Mk. 1 Pullman

Listed with a recommended retail price of RRP £28.50, Bachmann describes these coaches as fitting ‘Era 5’ in its period information, which translates as 1957-1966. However, some of the Met-Camm Pullman coaches lasted in the umber/cream livery into the early 1970s.

A precis of these luxury Mk. 1’s latter days, with several sample formations, can be found in RAIL EXPRESS Modeller No. 35 (March 2007).

Bachmann Mk. 1 Pullman

Like the previous releases, the paint finish is first class, befitting of the real thing. Also included in the box is air-brake gear for the consumer to fit.

These are amongst the best 4mm scale coaching stock produced, and the addition of these extra vehicles will be popular additions for modellers wishing to produce scale length Pullman trains. With only the bogies letting the side down in terms of quality (see review in RE35), these are well recommended.

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