Wagontastic DEMU show

Bachmann, Hornby and Dapol have all recently shown off new wagon models.

Pre-production wagon

AS WELL AS the new HST and multiple unit models illustrated previously, the DEMU event saw all three manufacturers present displaying pre-production tooling for new wagons in both ‘N’ and ‘OO’ gauges.

One of the key new models on show for D&E era fans is the KIA/IHA bogie sliding hood steel carrier, which is being produced by Dapol. This follows the firm’s ‘N’ version, and like the small scale model, it has a roof that slides one way displaying the interior.

Pre-production wagon

Also on the Dapol stand was the new ‘Grampus’ engineers wagon, which will be produced in vacuum-braked (8-shoe clasp) form (note also the roller bearing axleboxes)…

Pre-production wagon

And also in unfitted style with original 4-shoe push brakes – this model appears to be missing the tie-bar between the two W-irons.

Pre-production wagon

Bachmann, meanwhile, had the BDA Bogie Bolster D wagon on its stand, which was wearing the attractive black and orange colours of shadow privatised freight operator Loadhaul. This is the version with lever brake handle.

Pre-production wagon

‘N’ gaugers were no doubt impressed by the same company’s BRA/BYA steel carrier, which will be released as part of the Graham Farish range later this year.

Pre-production wagon

Finally, Hornby had its new ZBA Rudd, ZCV Clam and ZCV Tope wagons at the show.

Pre-production wagon

The ‘Tope’ is sure to be a popular release, not having been produced in 4mm scale before – although Parkside had been planning to add the vehicle type to its range.

Pre-production wagon

The underframe on the air-braked ‘Rudd’ vehicle correctly features the different arrangement of brake actuating equipment.

Pre-production wagon

All photographs © RAIL EXPRESS. Please do not reproduce elsewhere without permission. See next issue of RAIL EXPRESS Modeller for more details about these new items.

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