New liveries for ex-Lima items

The Mk. 3 TGS and Class 156 DMU get new colours.


HORNBY HAS RELEASED three versions of the former Lima Mk. 3 TGS, in GNER (44063, Cat Ref. R4315A, RRP £21.00), First Great Western ‘fag packet’ (44093, Cat Ref. R4326, RRP £26.50) and InterCity Swallow (44024, Cat Ref. R4314A, RRP £21.00) liveries.

The liveries on the three models are well applied, with different types of warning flashes and data panel locations depending on the era and operator. The gold and green stripes on the FGW example do not blend perfectly – this was much better replicated on the Mk. 2 air-con coaches – however, the fine green lines are very well represented.


Hornby has also released its ex-Lima Class 156 DMU in First ScotRail livery (Cat Ref. R2695, RRP £84.75).


The general livery application is good, with the main issues being the ‘Norwich’ destination blinds, and the pink cantrail band, which ends too short. The model features Hornby’s new design of motor bogie, complete with traction tyres.


On the wagon front, Hornby has produced two versions of its 20-ton brake van in S&T red/yellow (KDB954164, Cat Ref. R6408, RRP £8.50) and olive green ‘Electrification’ liveries (LDB954219, Cat Ref. R6407, RRP £8.50). Both have a wonderful array of legible printed detail, with perfectly painted ‘wasp stripes’. The S&T version skimps slightly as the yellow sections are unpainted plastic.


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