Shawplan’s Sunderland and others

A bumper selection of new items from Shawplan.

Shawplan bits

JUNE BRINGS A large package of new items from D&E era detailer’s best friend Shawplan Model Products, which includes etched details for Classes 24/25, 37/40, 47, 55 and 58, and a rather special locomotive nameplate.

Pictured above is the unique nameplate design for FirstGBRf Class 66/7 No. 66725 Sunderland (Cat Ref. 66725b, price £5.50). This was inspired by ‘plates fitted to the original LNER ‘Footballer’ locomotives.

Also new are the following items in the detailing range: Class 24/25 Roof fan & grille (Cat Ref. DP24-00, price £3.40), Redrawn Class 37/40 windscreens (Cat Ref. DP37-12, price £3.00), Class 47 headcode panels – Marker lights x2 (Cat Ref. DP47-04), Sealed beam x2 (Cat Ref. DP47-06) and a pack with one of each type (Cat Ref. DP47-05) – all priced £1.15, Class 55 H/C panel – early rivet style (Cat Ref. DP55-04, price £1.15), Class 58 Roof fan/grille – to fit Heljan (Cat Ref. DP58-00, price £3.70), and Pantograph windscreen wipers x8 (Cat Ref. DP45-10/2, price £2.10).

Shawplan bits

Please note, Shawplan will be closed from June 23rd as the business will be changing hands. The company will re-open on July 1st under new ownership.

More details can be found in the next issue of RAIL EXPRESS Modeller, but we will take this opportunity to thank Graham Shaw for his stirling support of diesel & electric era modellers over the last couple of decades!

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