New 4mm scale trucks from Oxford

Oxford enters into the world of trucks.

Oxford Diecast trucks

SEVERAL EXCITING NEW additions to the Oxford Diecast range of 1:76.2 scale road vehicles (perfect for 4mm scale) has been brought to our attention courtesy of Modern Structures in Miniature.

The first represents a present day truck in the form of a Scania R420 tractor unit in 6×2 configuration with a 45ft ‘Tautliner’ curtain-sided trailer. One of the most common lorry combinations on British roads.

Oxford Diecast trucks

Amongst the initial liveries to be reproduced is the green, red and white of Fagan & Whalley (pictured here), a Lancashire based road haulier (Cat Ref. SCA01CS). This is a limited edition of 2,000 pieces.

Next up will be the Scottish firm Pollock Scotrans Ltd (turquoise/red/white), which incorporates a tartan aspect to its finish! Like all the new Oxford trucks, this will also be a limited edition.

Oxford Diecast trucks

Other liveries to be released over the coming months include Tinnely (white/two-tone blue), LE Jones Ltd (white/yellow/orange), Stan Robinson (blue/red/white), Mulgrey (orange/cream), A Campbell (red/white/blue/yellow), and Stephen Sanderson Lrd (blue/grey). The Jones and Campbells trucks will feature a 45ft refrigerated trailer.

Meanwhile, joining the range in the summer will be a DAF 6×2 tractor unit. This will see the following present day paint jobs to start off with: Richards & Sons Ltd (mustard yellow), James Irlam (red/white), Westfield Transport (grey/black/red), and Prestons of Potto Ltd (red/yellow/black)


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