New Hornby for May

‘Refresher’ Class 156 and others arrive from Margate.

New Hornby products

AS PICTURED ABOVE, Hornby has released its ex-Lima Class 156 DMU in ‘One’ livery (Cat Ref. R2693, RRP £84.75).

The general livery application is good, but there are a number of painted detail errors that detract from the unit. The bodyside blue is a little too dark, the ‘One’ branding is too small and the ‘refresher’ turquoise is almost a ‘sky’ blue.

The former Lima tooling, while not bad above the solebar, is awful below it, with very litle depth to the underframe. It does, however, sport extensive printed detail as per the prototype, identifying engine oil, fire extinguishers etc. The model also features the new design of Hornby motor bogie, complete with traction tyres.

New Hornby products

Also new on the multiple unit front is an older type of Met-Camm in the form of the British Railways green liveried three-car Class 101 DMU, which is painted in the later style of livery with half yellow warning panel (Cat Ref. R2697, RRP £80.00). It also appears that NEM coupler sockets have been fitted to the powered driving car only.

New Hornby products

Hornby has also re-released its ‘Ferry’ Van (TOPS code ZSX) in Railfreight red/grey livery, with an unloved weathered and graffitied exterior (Cat Ref. R6403, RRP £12.75). The livery work is acceptable, and reflects the actual prototype, but nothing can hide the fact that this is an ancient tooling that deserves upgrading to current standards.

Other new wagons include R6387 CDA china clay hopper in EWS weathered livery (RRP £18.00), R6394 BR (ex-LMS) 7-plank open (RRP £7.45), and R6396 TTA ESSO tank wagon weathered (RRP £7.45).

Meanwhile, the Skaledale range has seen further expansion.

New Hornby products

Faulkner’s Electrical caught our eye (Cat Ref. R8749, RRP £12.00), while kit-bashing potential was also spotted in the Bellamy’s office building and factory unit, pictured below (Cat Refs. R8771 & R8772, RRP £21.25 and £19.00).

New Hornby products

Making up the rest of the recently released items are R8748 Public House ‘ The Mason’s Arms’ (RRP £12.75), R8751 Hislop’s Barbers Shop (RRP £13.75), R8753 Small stone cottage (RRP £14.25), R8764 Don’s Taxi rank office (RRP £6.00), and R8856 Skaledale East Waiting Room (RRP £10.00).

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