Mendip Rail for PGA

New D&E era wagons from Hornby.

Hornby PGA

RECENT WEEKS HAVE brought several new versions of exisiting vehicles in Hornby’s range of freight vehicles, specifically the PGA and HAA hopper wagons.

The PGA, pictured above, gets Mendip Rail/Foster Yeoman grey and blue livery (Cat Ref. R6386, RRP £12.00). While the type of wagon is broadly accurate for the colour scheme, the body colour appears a little beige compared to the prototype. Oddly, the catalogue image for this wagon shows the correct grey.

The other new release is a three-pack of the CDA china clay hopper in EWS maroon (Cat Ref. R6385, RRP £49.00) with a weathered finish. Unfortunately, other than the wagon numbers, the lettering is unchanged over previous versions of these vehicles.

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